Sneak Peak: Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

Christmas has come early for you Modern Warfare fans, as some considerate soul has put up a minute and a half of juicy single-player footage. It’s off-screen, unfortunately, and the music is placeholder, (it’s actually the track Scorponok from the Transformers film), but it’s a good indication of the changes from Call of Duty 4. Take a look:

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14 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay”

  1. Video up! Looks great but I’m watching it from my PS3 so can anyone tell me if he was using an XM8? Looks deadly btw!

  2. [quote comment=”8228″]Video up! Looks great but I’m watching it from my PS3 so can anyone tell me if he was using an XM8? Looks deadly btw![/quote]

    He’s actually using a gun called the Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle, or ACR for short. It’s designed as the successor to the M4 rifle, and it’s all sorts of crazy. The barrel can be swapped to fire all kinds of different rounds while the main body of the gun itself remains unchanged.

  3. I don’t know why, but I just can’t get excited about this game. It looks great, but it also looks like a bit of a rehash. Ah well, I’ll still buy it and love it. Well played, Activision.

  4. @ Mitch, gotcha. Thanks for that. I knew all that about the SCAR (lol americans stealing the Belgian’s ideas!) but thanks none the less.
    @ Cossack, just because the XM8 was ditched for the general infantry doesn’t mean it couldn’t feature in the game! COD4 had the MP44, remember? : )

  5. @Skuba: Yeah, but the STG-44 is still used by the occasional guerilla, since it was used heavily in the Korean War and a bit less-so in the Vietnam War. Some insurgents in Iraq have been reported using STG-44’s. IW porbably said, “Hey, what a pleasant coincidence.” The XM8 never made it out of prototyping.
    But still, they could pull a few strings and have the XM8 in there anyway. Cross mah fingers.

  6. The gameplay kind of makes me think more along the lines of Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, very smooth. I cant wait for that game to come out. Its going to be nuts.

  7. @ Cossack, Yeah insurgents get all the classics but I think IW put in the MP44 as a call-back to their WW2 games. Just for the record the STG 44 was renamed MP44 either right at the end of WW2 or a bit after (can’t exactly remember). Also, some Spec Ops field-tested the XM8 and I THINK it was the SEALs (don’t quote me on that) so they were issued in VERY limited numbers. Also since MW1 was in 2011 or so, so they could have an XM8 (or by then they may drop the X for ‘Experimental’) if they pretended that the program was re-opened! Uh-oh, I’m getting too excited about MW2 now. I need a cold shower.

  8. [quote comment=”8266″]Looks great, can’t wait to play it. Watching this makes me wanna reinstall CoD4 and replay it for the 5th time.[/quote]
    Yeah, same here.
    well, not the 5th time, I dunno how many time’s I’ve played it between the times from the Xbox and the PC, but I normally just play the sniper missions =P

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