StarCraft 2 Map Editor Can Raise the Dead

Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do. Looks like Blizzard’s plan to charge for custom maps is starting to make a bit more sense. This beast of a map editor was unveiled at BlizzCon, and is probably the most powerful editing tool ever released alongside a game.

Besides being able to make your vanilla strategy maps, the map editor demo given at the Starcraft 2 panel displayed its robust abilities by showing off an Action-RPG and a Galaga-type shooter. StarCraft: Ghost was even brought back to haunt the audience thanks to the fact that the main character’s model is included in the editor.

This is really exciting news in my opinion, but what do you guys think? Are you willing to pay money for some LittleBig StarCraft action, or do you think that maps made by the community should be doled out for free?

Source: Destructoid

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6 thoughts on “StarCraft 2 Map Editor Can Raise the Dead”

  1. I play a lot of warcraft 3 custom games and i could not imagine paying for anything i played on there really. Besides I don’t know if its that revolutionary. I remember playing tetris, snake, and save/load rpgs on the warcraft editor.

  2. I have to say that I hate how it seems that blizzards is trying to milk us of all our money. First they seperate the main game into 3 seperate games, and now they are charging for the map editor. Not to mention the money funnel that is Wow. I personally would rather have the complete StarCraft game released whole at the standard price, then charge extra for the editor if it really can raise the dead and generate power for the entire world. ONLY THEN!

  3. I’d argue that Hammer is the most powerful editing tool ever released alongside a game.

    And Hammer was free.

  4. [quote comment=”8181″]I’d argue that Hammer is the most powerful editing tool ever released alongside a game.

    And Hammer was free.[/quote]

    You may be right. However, we’ve only seen little snippets of what the SC 2 editor can do, so we have no idea what its capable of, hence the use of “probably”. The editor comes with the game so it’s free as well. But, you don’t have to pay for Hammer maps.

    Using a map editor that was designed to create strategy games to make an FPS or an RPG strikes me as a very flexible tool. I have played Zombie Master, so I’m familiar with Hammer’s properties.

  5. I’d never pay for user created conntent for a few reasons but the main is that its just a way for the commpany to make you spend more on the game.

    As far as editer power gose I have not seen any info on the SC 2 editer but I have used almost every editer out there, and I found that the unrealtournament 3 editer was probly the best.(Kismit alows you to change alot of game play)

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