Borderlands Gameplay Montage

One game that’s really slipped under my radar until the past few weeks is Borderlands. A post-apocalyptic title from Gearbox, Borderlands is a 4 player “role-playing shooter” that allows you and 3 other friends to explore dungeons and collect loot together. One of the sweet things about the game is that all of the loots are randomized, making for literally millions upon millions of possible gun combinations in the game. I must say that some of this footage and the prospect of 4 player dungeoneering is really calling to me. What about you guys?

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7 thoughts on “Borderlands Gameplay Montage”

  1. OMG! Yes please. I’m super excited for Borderlands. A cell shaded Fallout-esque loot fest? This game would just have to dispense beers as I play and I’d award “Game of Forever.”

  2. Very interesting.
    I actually never knew about this game. I think I might pick it up when it comes out if I can.
    I haven’t really payed much attention lately to anything other than SC:Convictions, CoD:MW2 and CS:S.

  3. Sounds interesting from a co-op perspective. If I can convince a few friends to get it then it could be a blast!

  4. Can’t wait for this game. It has a perfect release window, too! I’ll have been playing Scribblenauts for a month or so, and will be ready for a semi-cel-shaded break.

  5. I reserved this game a few months before summer started. I’m so excited…but I’ve got BlazBlue to hold me off until then…those two games are going to be the only things in my system until MW2..then MAG. Then I’ll get into a rotation of the 4 and have no life!

  6. @ Anthony
    I’ll do co-op with you if one of us moves somewhere that’s within a similar GMT lol.

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