Phantasy Star Game Blog Part VII: Rock the Casba Dragon

ps_preso3Picking up where we last left off, I head to Bortevo and use the Polymeteral to uncover Hapsby, who agrees to fly the space ship for me. What? You mean, no giant quest to find Hapsby’s nephew, Wall-E? He doesn’t need a new set of circuits or anything like that? This game must be getting tired or something. I head back to Dr. Luveno who gives me my ship! I will call it Squishy and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.

Hapsby gives me a choice of 3 places to go, one of them being the very town we are standing in, which seems kind of sad that such an advanced invention has no sense of being, but hey, least that means he is not about to become Skynet or something. I choose Uzo, which is on the desert planet of Motavia. I heard there were Motavians there or something. Once I arrive, someone tells me that Casba is a town to the south and there is a dragon who has an Amber Eye there. In its head! I am going to carve that sucker out, I tell you. I find a good armor for Noah and his frail ass needs all the help he can, so I buy that.

Some guy in town asks if I need a soothing flute? Once again…how does this crap come up? He reveals that he buried one in the outskirts of Gothic, but it’s a secret. Pal, nothing is a secret in this game, ok? Someone also tells me that the Land Rover can get past Ant Lions. Wonder if that was a secret, too? Holy crap! The store here has light sabers! I’ll take a dozen please! Or maybe just one for Odin and one for Alis. Geez, the locals won’t shut up! There is an awesome shield in a village surrounded by mist, but there is poison gas in the sea to the west, so I will need protection. TROJAN MAN! Oh guess what they have for sell here? A land rover! Time to do donuts over all those Ant Lions blocking my way! But first…

Inside the Casba cave, I descend deeper and deeper until I come up on the foul beast: a black dragon. Ok, time out. Is this considered a hate crime if I kill a black dragon? Earlier, I killed a red one, so I think it’s pretty clear I don’t discriminate against dragons based on color. In fact, I think it’s obvious that I hate all dragons I come across. Killing said dragon earns me one shiny Amber Eye.

antlionUsing my trusty new land rover, I drive over the Ant Lions for a few hours (it seems) and then head back to Gothic and retrieve that secret flute. Kinda shocked I was able to get there first since that chucklehead was blabbing his little secret to anyone with a set of working ears. Guess what else? Someone here tells me of a hovercraft that is hidden in the forest at the edge of town. I got vehicles coming out of my ass! I feel like GI Joe now. I have a spaceship, a hovercraft for travesing the sea and a land rover. I think I am set.

Well that is enough for now. Later this week, I will have another post and trust me, we are getting near the end. I hope to have this done in 10 parts total, with maybe one more post summing up my feelings about the game.  Check back later for Part VIII: Going, going, Gorgon!

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10 thoughts on “Phantasy Star Game Blog Part VII: Rock the Casba Dragon”

  1. “I will call it Squishy and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.”
    Finding Nemo ftw. Also, these articles ftw.

  2. Did anyone else think of the part in half life 2 where you have to drive the buggy thing through the antlion beach?

  3. That’s exactly what i thought of! These articles rock. I loved the black dragon dilemma. Way to go Anthony!

  4. I did. Oh ho, I so did, and let me tell you, running Antlions over has never stopped being amusing.

  5. Rgarrow92 i think of those anoying bugs every time i hear the words and and lion together, i have little flash backs of me crushing them to death or zapping them then running them over again laughing my head off shouting “hahaha bitches try smack my jeep over now”.

    Anyway this is most fun game stuff i have ever seen almost makes me want to get this game and play it, “almost”.

  6. [quote comment=”8132″]
    I hope to have this done in 10 parts total [/quote]

    Dude I don’t care if it ends up as long as the Wheel of fricking time! can’t wait for Part VIII.

  7. Totally forgot to comment on this, but great article, Anthony. These are seriously hilarious. I laughed out loud at the Motavians call back.

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