Dragon Age: Origins Character Creation

For whatever reason, I keep forgetting that Dragon Age: Origins exists and that it’s actually coming out in November. While the most impressive thing I’ve seen from the game was at PAX last year, I’m still convinced it’ll be a blast to play. I mean, heck, it’s Bioware, and they’ve yet to lead me wrong. Those dudes even just released a bit of the character customization, including some glimpses at the ability tree. Nothing super exciting, but it definitely whets my appetite for more of the game. Anyone else interested?

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Origins Character Creation”

  1. This will probably be the next game I will get, if and only if Red Dead Redemption turns out to be a flop. I am really waiting for the next elder scroll game. There are alot of rpg’s that i want to play now that think of it. Alpha Protocol, This, Fallout 3, Mass Effect 1 and 2, and alot of others.

    Don’t tell me if it spoils the plot or something, but shouldn’t the effect in Mass Effect be a Affect instead? Don’t worry I’m your friendly neighborhood grammar nazi.

  2. [quote comment=”7998″]Mauddib: Get Fallout 3.

    Eddy: I like ‘wets’ spelled ‘whets’.[/quote]

    That is the correct usage. Whets means to make keen or eager, or to stimulate.

    And I am pumped up for this one.

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