Valve Not Sold On Natal

valve_head_homeNatal blew some minds at E3 and caused all kinds of fanboy skirmishes across the Internet. Is it real? Does it work? Will the games be any good? One of those questions has now been asked by Valve, who have had a closer look at Natal and while impressed with the tech, they need to see more. Namely, a game that really shows off what it can do, as Chet Faliszek says:

There’s a lot of coolness around it, but I’m not sure about the game that comes with that, and I’m not sure, personally, how much I wanna move around. I’m a lazy, lazy man. I don’t want to move. I don’t want to be fatigued playing a game.

Anyone can crap out a tech demo, but how can you use this in a game that won’t annoy us lazy gamers? What do you guys think of Natal and what would you like to see done with it?

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17 thoughts on “Valve Not Sold On Natal”

  1. This is definitely a classic case of ‘where’s the beef’. Natal sounds really, really cool. But at the same time, I’ll believe it when I see it. What’s likely going to happen is something close to what the Wii did. Sure, one-to-one motion control was promised at first, but it didn’t quite make it into the final product, and we’re only starting to see it now. So I’ll say about this what I said about OnLive. I think it’s going to flop, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

  2. We can always count on Valve to be the “nerd’s nerd”. Honestly, I’m not that enthused about waving my arms around like a moron when I play games anyways. I already have to worry about the embarrassment of horrible story and voice acting, morons on X Box LIVE and getting tea-bagged; I’d rather not add physical humiliation to the list.

    I play video games to chill out. End of story for me.

  3. I just don’t think Natal possesses enough material to replace the controller and couch combination. It’s not a bad SUPPLEMENT, but all I ask is that developers continue to create games using controllers, and have a few extra companies make Natal games if they want to.
    The problem is that the makers of Natal are trying to be a new Wii, and yet the Wii only appeals to the casual gamer and the occasional Nintendo fanboy. There’s just not enough substance to go on. Not enough solid games can be made because the gameplay is forced to be based on a gimmick, because that’s the only input you have to the game. And casual gamers aren’t that stable a market to base an entire generation or two on, because the more hardcore gamers will keep buying (if you continue to shovel out GOOD games) and the casual gamers are prone to not spend much time or money on games.
    So have Natal as a peripheral that is required for a few games, but keep the controllers as the main mode of playing games.

  4. Microsoft jus wanted to keep up. 360 haven’t had any motion tracking stuff (Probably was a good thing.) but the ps3 and nintendo does.
    Kind of like a “Monkey see, Monkey do.” reaction

    and for valve.
    lol I really think, deep down inside for them, they don’t really care for consoles XD Like look, they are working their asses off on Tf2 updates, SDK updates, and other PC related improvements. For console, no DLC nothing…

  5. Maybe the “I’m lazy” argument (A good point IMO) will go away when we can play games in our minds =P Although it would be cool if you could use natal for hand to hand combat (I’ve been playing MGS3 again recently) CQC with natal. That would sell me =)

  6. Valve makes serious games. Motion control is not for serious gamers. Look at the Wii.. Enough said.

    Maybe one day when full VR can take place… not this hybrid of “I move, and with a delay, the things on screen move too”…

    I think its wise for the seriously awesome companies to keep making seriously awesome games, and let the ones that wanna devlope games for kids and old people keep doing what they do.

  7. [quote comment=”7914″]Valve makes serious games. Motion control is not for serious gamers. Look at the Wii.. Enough said.


    Metroid Prime, Super Mario Galaxy, The Conduit, Madworld, Zelda are all serious games.

  8. [quote comment=”7920″]I’ve never found Mario a serious game.[/quote]

    That is a sad statement. Mario has some of the best games out there. Fun, challenging and influential.

  9. Sorry anthony let me clarify. The wii makes games that are kid friendly; those games I don’t consider “serious games”. I guess by “serious” I meant “Mature” as in Bioshock/crysis/ all the great titles on PC or the other consoles.

    I think mario IS a serious game, but it is definitely not geared towards hard-core gamers.

    hope that’s better.

  10. Saying Mario isn’t hardcore is like saying Valve is a shitty developer. It’s just plain wrong. Also, if you’re too “hardcore” to have fun with a game that isn’t “serious” or “mature”, you need to re-evaluate why it is you play games in the first place.

  11. Again, understanding is way off.

    Sinister: I play my god-damned SNES more than my PC. I love those old NON SERIOUS, PASSIVE, TIME KILLING games. I love those games. I’m glad that most of the games are neither hardcore or serious. They were the good old days.

    Mario is not hardcore though, I can’t see in any light how a game that is geared for kids could even remotely be considered hardcore or serious. It’s a staple, its a great game, one of the best franchises: but not hard core.

  12. Just b/c it’s cartoony doesn’t mean its not hardcore.

    Back then, all games were geared towards kids.

    Mega Man is hardcore and its geared to kids, with its visual style.

  13. No no no. Don’t confuse nostalgia with hardcore. Just because they were “The thing of the thing” back then dosen’t make them hardcore games.

    BRAID is a side-scroller that challenges any hard-core side-scrolling platform lover to really think… Mario games have never pushed me to really think outside the box.

    They are fun. They are creative. They are brilliant. They are NOT hardcore / serious games.

  14. Mario games never tried to push anyone. They were designed to be fun games and they are challenging. What are the 3 Nintendo games that hardcore fans desire?
    Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

    What is your defination of a hardcore game, that might be what is causing the confusion.

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