PS3 Ready To Launch Offensive?

ps3-price-cutDespite what you may have heard, the PS3 has held itโ€™s own against the 360 despite having a higher price, less blockbuster exclusives and having to build an online network from the ground up. But two of those have been corrected and now all that stands in the PS3โ€™s way is the price. Which brings us to a few items:
Sony has revealed that they have managed to get the cost of a PS3 down to $270 per unit. They also have doubled their usual order of components needed to build the consoles. The topper is that they are having a 3-hour keynote in Germany on August 18th. What does this all mean?

It appears as if a price drop for the PS3 is imminent. And it could be the very thing needed to propel the PS3 past the 360 and perhaps even take on Nintendo, far off in the future anyway. Keep in mind that the PS2 sold over 120 million units. Most of those people are probably just waiting for a price drop. Many people say $100.00 would be do it, but I think Sony should go for the jugular and drop it $150.00. Even in these dark economic times, that would cause a serious boost in sales and just in time for the Christmas season.

Would a price drop get you guys off the fence and buy a PS3 or are you not even interested in it? Is there a magic number you are waiting for?

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16 thoughts on “PS3 Ready To Launch Offensive?”

  1. I seriously doubt this is going to happen. Sony has kept the price of the PS3 the same through-out many months of speculations and pleas for a price drop. Hell, I think they even announced a higher-priced version at one point.

    I’ve been on the fence about the PS3 before, but I doubt I’d ever pick one up. If I really wanted to play a PS3 game (like inFamous or GoW3), I’d use my friend’s.

  2. Personally, i dont think that a price cut will make much of a difference. everybody already has a ps3, 360 or wii, and im not going to cough up 150-200 dollars for another system, and then pay 60 bucks for all the games.

  3. [quote comment=”7897″]Personally, i dont think that a price cut will make much of a difference. everybody already has a ps3, 360 or wii, and im not going to cough up 150-200 dollars for another system, and then pay 60 bucks for all the games.[/quote]

    I don’t think everyone already has one, yet. And most people buy multiple systems.

  4. The price is almost irrelevant to me. If they dropped the price, that’d be one more reason to get one, but at the moment I’m broke and am just waiting for extensive justification (a good lineup of games) to spend the money. Namely, I’m waiting for The Last Guardian to be finished and released. That’s MY console-seller.

    It looks like I have another year or two to wait so I’m practically guaranteed a lower PS3 price. How many people are in my shoes? Probably not many.

  5. Well, I’m currently in the process of selling my Wii, and looking to Microsoft or Sony for a more entertaining alternative. If the PS3 drops by $100-$150… I might just consider it over a 360… But then again…. Well, if it happens, I’ll give it a higher level of consideration, for sure.

  6. I’m waiting for our family to get some jobs and gain some income. Once that’s stable, I’ll start thinking about new consoles. If I was to get a PS3, I’d wait for it to drop to a good price, around $200 (or less if possible, although I’ll understand if it plateaus at $200 or $250). Also, I’d need to be able to buy a good deal of amazing games for the PS3. I’d say that 3-5 good games that I know I want to play but are PS3 exclusive. If the price is lower than $200, I’m sure I’d let just 2 games to slide. Plus, that Blu-Ray player is a great bonus, because you could basically buy the PS3 for just the Blu-Ray and get a significant discount.
    But for now I’m going to hold off. First of all, I’m not about to spend money on a console I really can live without. Besides, by the time I’m ready to buy a PS3, the next generation may be around the corner…but we’ll have to see.

  7. Naa, I won’t buy. Or should I say I can’t buy. I really don’t have any space in my room for that big dude lol

    Only if they can make that monster smaller…

  8. ” but I think Sony should go for the jugular and drop it $150.00.”

    “A Christmas Story” reference anthony? ๐Ÿ˜€ But that would be a good price cut. Maybe we’d see a screaming kid getting a PS3 instead of an N64. =P

  9. I would definitely get a ps3 if they price went down $100, but I doubt sony will drop it that far.

  10. I would really like to have one, but I refuse to let myself get one. I don’t want myself to be spending money on games for another console, which would not be healthy for my wallet and would be impractical for me right now.

  11. For me, it’s not about the price. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a price drop, because right now I can’t afford the system at all. But that’s not the reason I’m holding back.

    I have to reasons why I’d hold off. One, I still don’t see too many games I’m interested in. I mean, maybe mgs because I’ve played the first 3 before, and lbp, but other than that, I don’t know. Half the games on the PS3 I can get on my 360, and right now I’m holding off on getting more games for that system because I don’t have too much money to spend.

    You know what I think would get Sony to the top? A variety of games. Not just FPS, but other types of games. LBP was a great start, now we need more types. I mean, I know Nintendo currently is catering to the casuals, but they still have more variety on the Wii. I mean, how many major(besides LBP and Halo Wars) titles have you seen on the 360 and PS3 that weren’t FPS?

    If they get more variety of games for PS3 that aren’t on the 360 as well, and a price drop, I’ll consider getting it. But right now, I’m on a low budget. Not enough $ to support 3 systems.

  12. I, like many others here, want a ps3 but will probably not get it because I am swamped already with a ton of good games that are not exclusives. However, if I were to get a console (I’m a pc) it would be the ps3 because most of the “exclusive” games on the xbox are ported to pc, but not so much on the ps3 side ๐Ÿ™

    ps3 games I want on pc:
    heavy rain
    uncharted 1&2
    god of war III
    ratchet and clank
    killzone 2…the list goes on and on.

  13. If anyone reads my posts, they know I’m not a console gamer in the least. However, like Cossack said, the Blu-Ray player would be a nice addition to the house. So I think having a system that we can futureproof our frequent movie-renting habbits and also have random drunken game nights could really be nice.

    Exclusives don’t do anything for me, I’m a sony Fanboy either way. I hate the xBox controllers.. so much..

  14. This may sound like blasphemey but I think I have enough games already and this x-mas season have a few new ones in store. I think I’ll keep my money.

  15. Couple of days ago i was in electronics shop. Was looking at a ps3 price and thought that if it could get lil bit lower then i would buy it for sure.

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