GamerSushi Asks: What are you Playing, August Edition

mgsIt’s about that time again. Time to check in with you guys and see what you’re currently tackling in the video game front. It’s hard to believe we’re already in August, but it’s here, and the slew of video game releases (though slightly lighter now than it was going to be) is almost upon us.

As I don’t have access to my consoles at the moment due to an awesome vacation, I am currently working through both Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7 on the PSP. It’s great to get reminded of old classics like that, and I’m loving the way they look on the PSP’s screen as well. Before that though, I’ve been playing some 1 Vs 100, Secret of Monkey Island, Battlefield 1943 and Civilization Revolution. In the near future though, I’m going to move on to Red Faction, Turtles in Time (out next week!), Fat Princess and Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

What about you guys? What are you playing?

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  1. I’m playing the MGS saga from MGS1 to 4. I’m on 3 right now. They’re still just as fun and challenging after all these years.

  2. Playing CoD 4 in a rush to prestige as many time as possible.

    Also I played through all the Hlaf-Life 2 games. I love them, if you HAVEN’T played Half-Life, play it now!

  3. I like playing 1 vs 100 as well. My friend made it to the mob on the first show but other than that no one I know has made the mob. Have you ever made the mob?

  4. I’ve gone back to Fallout 3 to complete my exploration of the Capital Wasteland, as well as restart as the meanest asshole in the world, Mr. Jenkins XXXVII.
    Me and my friends have been trying to reach and hopefully surpass Wave 30 on Shi no Numa before Der Riese comes out on AUG-6, but so far we get close but get raped by Wave 27 or so.
    I’ve gotten really into BF1943’s Air Superiority gametype. At first, I was horrible, but now I can outrun and outshoot and outchicken any enemy. My only grief is when enemies land on our Aircraft Carrier and spawn kill. If they steal a plane, however, I quickly shove sunshine up their 6.

  5. Late July and early August are blank slates for me, so I’ve picked up Fuel, Saints Row 2, and Pychonauts. So far, loving all of them.

  6. GRID, Half life 2 (Demo, lol), Garry’s mod, wii sports resort.

    And wii sports resort is pretty awesome than I thought it would be! But even with the motion plus, I can still play with only my wrist. XD

  7. I’m also doing FF7 and I made a mistake in the 60:00 hours. It was 6000 gil (why did I not see that!????). I’m at the 14 hour mark. I’ve just finished Dead Space and inFamous and I’m doing another run through those. I’m being evil in inFamous and it’s not as fun as being good. The evil powers suck. Throw in a little Warhawk with all expansions (SO worth £23) and I’m having an action-packed summer!

  8. there’s a copy of metal gear solid im gonna try to get for the game cube(I’ve never owned a PlayStation before) but mostly im playing 1 v 100, BF 1943, and the two recent resident evil games a bit.

  9. Got 2 games this month, Assassin creed & Call of duty 4. Played AC through and now kicking peoples asses in cod4 multiplayer. Those noclip idiots still piss me off.. I see someone mentioned inFamous, so I have to tell that I have 100% trophys from it 😀 PS. Im rly sorry for my bad english, I just wrote some things as I spell ’em and some words may be truly wrong.

  10. My computer has broken down in the game department, I seem to be able to only play a game for about 20 secs before the framerate drops to about 4-5 FPS no matter what. So i’ve been playing my 360. The games I have been playing are GTA IV of which has roped me back in and Gears 1 which IMO is far far better than Gears 2. I also bought Bad company about 2 weeks ago so i’ve been playing that, and who can forget, the almighty, unsurpassable arcade game…Worms 2: Armageddon. JK JK. I have been playing it but the arcade game I was talking about was, no prizes for guessing, Battlefield:1943.

  11. Untitled, well done on the inFamous Platinum! I’m at 54% and right now I’ve got 1 blast shard left to find. Also your english is very good 🙂

  12. [quote comment=”7847″]Phantasy Star.


    Prototype and Fat princess. Love my chubby royalty.[/quote]

    I hear that first one is a good game.


  13. Fallout 3
    1 vs. 100
    Shadow Complex
    Batman: Arkam A.
    Gears 2

    MW2 Beta Please! KTHX

  14. I’m playing The Witcher – a truly amazing RPG available on Steam. I’ve never heard of this game before now, but I must say that it is the finest RPG I have ever played, even surpassing Mass Effect!

  15. Fallout 3, the Mothership Zeta add-on. A little Halo 3, CoD4, 1943, Demigod…all good stuff. Also replaying Metal Gear Solid 3. SNAAAAAAKE!

  16. [quote comment=”7857″] Also replaying Metal Gear Solid 3. SNAAAAAAKE![/quote]

    Me too 😀

    “this box…it was my destiny to be in here”


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