Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Debut

Now here is one FPS that I am looking forward to in a real bad way. I still maintain that Call of Duty 4 has some of the best (if not the best) multiplayer gaming of this generation so far, so I really can’t wait to see what Modern Warfare 2 does to improve upon that. So that’s why it’s exciting to see this new Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer debut trailer, which dishes out some of the dirt about a new perk, customizable kill streak load-outs. Awesome.

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11 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Debut”

  1. I have reserved my hype on this game b/c I need the online to be different enough to warrant the jump from CoD 4.

    Consider me excited. This is freaking awesome.

  2. Jizz in my pants. Can’t wait! I KNEW they’d let you control an AC-130 at some point! Customizable killstreak rewards is very cool.

    Just one thing, the AT-4 the one guy fired at the plane shouldn’t have happened. AFAIK the AT-4 doesn’t have homing capabilities.

  3. [quote comment=”7768″]Anthony get a 360 so you can play with us!


    Sure. Buy me one and I will consider it,lol. Sorry, my console buying days are over.

  4. OMGASM!!!!!!111111 GAAAH All over the screen!

    I’m loving the Customizable Killstreaks! I saw that idea on the MW2 Twitter page a million times, so this looks epic! AC-130’s look cheap as fuck, but I suppose AT-4’s can counter them well enough. BTW Sam, yeah they should have used a Stinger, but AT-4’s are sexy enough, so I’ll let it slide. Maybe the RPG-7 will be gone, and the AT-4 is the only rocket, with both homing and “fire-whenever-you-want” capabilities. Maybe.
    Moving on, a new grenade type, Semtex, looks like the equivalent to the No.74 Sticky in WaW, so looks like we’ll get more grenade types other than frags. I wonder what the Molotov equivalent will be…

  5. [quote comment=”7767″]
    Just one thing, the AT-4 the one guy fired at the plane shouldn’t have happened. AFAIK the AT-4 doesn’t have homing capabilities.[/quote]

    I couldn’t really tell if it was an AT-4. I just assumed it was a stinger, since the AC-130 wouldn’t hit the flares unless it had a SAM lock on. It’s cool to see that the heartbeat monitor gun-thing (lol) will be in the multiplayer. Will make sniping in hardcore even more enjoyable.

  6. Ho-Lee-Shit…

    Sign me up and strap me down, I’m officialy in WAIT mode.

    Sucks that other games are getting delayed tho. Max Payne 3, Mafia 2, Bioshock 2… I’m still waiting on Alan Wake XD…

  7. It’s hard to get excited over this when all there is in the video is pretty much just a gunship streak unlockable. It would have been great if there was a little…more. Not saying it’s bad, but with all those streak unlockables on that screen, they could have shown a little more. The AC-130 seemed like a poor choice to showcase, in my opinion, because we piloted that thing in MW1, and just doesn’t seem especially new and exciting in the multiplayer arena. Just saying. I’m sure the multiplayer will be quite awesome when I get my hands on it, I just want some more info, damnit. 😛

  8. I hope everyone watched till the VERY END! I just did and I didnt see that little extra they threw in!!!

    A revenge system?!?! Like in TF2!!! That should be AWESOME!!!

  9. Oh, man, that game is looking soo good. Love the new replacement for the M4 rifle, the Magpul ACR. That thing is crazy; it can fire the 5.56mm round, and then fire the 7.62mm round with a barrel swap. I watch a lot of Future Weapons on Discovery Channel.

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