Splinter Cell and Red Steel 2 Migrate to 2010

sccMan, as if the list of games moving to 2010 wasn’t already long enough, it seems that Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Steel 2 are jumping the 2009 ship, too. Apparently, they are heading to the brighter, greener and Modern Warfare 2-less pastures of 2010, able to enjoy some more publicity.

While I understand that people are afraid of the Modern Warfare 2 machine (not to mention Halo: ODST and Super Mario Galaxies 2), I really am shocked that this many game companies are breaking up the dreaded Fall o’ Games. I mean, I’m not complaining about it, although Splinter Cell was my number one anticipated game, I do think it’s interesting that publishers are finally trying to spread their profit around a little bit instead of loading up. You saw Warner Bros. pull the same move last year by bumping Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to Summer 2009 instead of Winter 2008. I think Ubisoft didn’t want 3 of their blockbusters (along with Assassin’s Creed 2) all coming out at once.

So far, Bioshock 2 and Heavy Rain have already moved. What do you guys think about all these games moving out of the Fall?

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12 thoughts on “Splinter Cell and Red Steel 2 Migrate to 2010”

  1. I should be interesting to see if the games that they come up with for fall 2010 get moved to summer 2011 because so many games got moved this year. plus if it gives them a little extra time to polish there games up then hay, I’m fine playing modern warfare 2 until next year

  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has no release date yet. Only thing we know is sometime in 2010.

    I think its a good thing. Last year was brutal. Its only good for everyone if they do this.

  3. Good thing. That makes it easier to get what I want, when I want lol. Glad Heavy Rain was pushed back as it may see better sales prompting another spiritual sequel to Farenheit.

  4. Sucks, but it’s a smart move. Let the Modern Wargasm pass and it should be clear sailing =D

  5. I have to say that nothing but good can come from these games being moved to 2010. Now they might actually stand a better chance competing against each other than against the giants that are MW2, ODST, and (kind of) L4D2.

    Can’t wait.

  6. Modern Warfare 2 has pretty much secured itself a spot in your mother’s bed by this point.

  7. [quote comment=”7754″]Modern Warfare 2 has pretty much secured itself a spot in your mother’s bed by this point.[/quote]

    Yeah pretty much. We should all just get down on our knees now and tell MW2 we love it =P

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