Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Trailer

For awhile, I’ve been firmly rooted in the belief that people never stopped liking 2D games, but rather, developers just stopped making them. Taking a look at the Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet trailer proves that this I’m always right, as this game looks like a crazy good time. This is what happens when you give some talented 2D artists free creative reign, people.

Most interesting part of the whole deal? It’s only coming to PC, the “best of all gaming platforms”, according to the developer. Who else thinks this looks awesome?

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5 thoughts on “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Trailer”

  1. Oh yeah, I love these Next gen 2d games. They are pretty neat. More like an interactive art.

    This game kinda reminds me of Tim Burton. I wonder what kind of games he would produce…

  2. Definietly Looks awesome. the best part about this trailer is the music, and if anyone is curious the track is Blood Hunger Doctrine by Dimmu Borgir.

    Metal + Symphony ; the greatest combo ever.

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