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barrelrollOver the years, gaming has produced quite a few fond memories for me. There are the emotional moments, the rushes of pure adrenaline, the challenges, all of these things have created a slew of experiences for me to draw from. However, there’s another thing that gaming is great for, and that’s memorable quotes.

GamesRadar has put together a list of the 40 Most Repeated Game Quotes, ranging from error messages to ridiculous things said by a co-pilot rabbit in space. While I’ve heard most of the ones on the list, there were a few that I wasn’t quite as familiar with, so I was glad for the sound bytes they provided. I’d have to say my favorite gaming quote is probably the “master of unlocking” line from Resident Evil. So painfully bad and hilarious.

What about you guys? Are you familiar with the quotes on this list? What’s your favorite?

Source- GamesRadar

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14 thoughts on “Gaming’s Best Quotes”

  1. my favorites have to be the quotes from bad dudes, the entire aybabtu conversation, and the killamanjaro from the halo one.

  2. AHAHAHA! Awesome quotes!
    My personal top 5 are:

    5. AYBABTU, particularly “For Great Justice!!!”
    4. Do A Barrel Roll! (My friends won’t shut up about it.)
    3. “You have prooved the justice of our culture” is something I always say when I win in WaW or BF’43 when I win as the Japanese.
    2. Navi’s blabberings from Lozoot.
    1. War. War Never Changes. is EPIC!

  3. I was totally going through that list and got to the Horadric Cube youtube link. and then it blew my mind that it was my video. Since that link it’s gone from like 50 views to like 800 now, and I just made it as an inside joke for my friend.

  4. I’m going to have to say that my favorite is “you and your friends are dead. Game over.” I actually had that screen ad my desktop wallpaper for a few months. I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious. I find the “snaaaake” and “hey listen” quotes insufferable, though. I’ve heard them so many times now that they just make me want to gouge my eyes out with a golf pencil.

  5. Of course my ultimate favorite is “All your base are belong to us”

    but I love the
    Andrew Anthony’s “EA Sports… it’s in the game.” tutorial they had there XD

  6. Star Fox has too many to count…

    – Cocky little freaks!
    – Do a Barrel Roll

    some others…

    – Rahila! (SOCOM Terrorists throwing grenades)
    – Falcon Punch!
    – Stay a while and listen
    – The Horadric Cube
    – Gained the lead
    – Lost the lead
    – Tied for the leader
    – Running Riot
    – Haidoken!

  7. “A Hind D? What’s a Russian gunship doing here?”

    Thus the stage was set for an entire series of call and response from Snake (both Naked and Solid) and his superiors.

    Just because of my history of BF2 and BF2142 LAN parties, some of the things the MEC and PAC armies say in both those games have made it into my friend’s lexicon. I won’t attempt to type it here, because I’ll mangle it, but whenever we’re trying to express absolute nonsense we’ll bust out a quote.

  8. I’m surprised they didn’t note the infamous “______ is a Spy!” from TF2
    (the blank being pretty much anything from ‘That Pyro’ to ‘That Sandvich”)

  9. I’m surprised there was no ‘spy sappin ma sentry’ or ‘spah sappin mah sentrah’. Something along those lines.

  10. CAPTAIN CANADA and NoVo are so tru. if they made that article, “50” most repeated game quotes, they would have put the famous taunts of tf2 like, “Bonk”, “Maggots!” and, “spah sappin mah sentry” ect.!

  11. How about “Get it done, Comrade. You’re our last chance.” from CoD4? I hear that one every other game of Search.

  12. I smiled when I saw a starcraft quote on there but I think they got the wrong one. try “At this point, I’m pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe” – Kerrigan Queen of Blades.

    thats said pretty much whenever someone just dominates everyone else at any of our gaming get togethers.

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