Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition is Silly and Hot

mw2prestigeI’m all about collecting absurd video game paraphernalia. I mean, I’m the guy that bought the stupid Legendary edition of Halo 3 so I can have that Master Chief helmet chilling in my living room next to my shelves o’ DVDs. I also eye those Final Fantasy figures from time to time.

But the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 is a different kind of animal all together. Not only does it come with the totally rad Modern Warfare 2, a sweet art book and some other goodies… but it also sports a real, functioning and completely excessive pair of night vision goggles. Wow.

I have to say that while I would never buy this, a small and dorky part of me is beyond tempted to. I mean, people use those things for wars, and I could have them in my home. Way better than a Halo helmet, if you ask me.

So what do you guys think? Cool, lame or meh? Go!

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21 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition is Silly and Hot”

  1. He talks about fully functional goggles. I just dont believe him.

    A good pair of NVGs cost at least a thousand bucks. And the cheapest version which i could find, costed $250.

    So, im just thinking they are some normal goggles with some green light filter in them (to make your sorroundings green).
    IW is gonna get a lot of hate mail for this one.

    BTW. I knew this hours before you posted it. Why dont you guys have some way for your visitors to give you info about game stuff? would make this site much more effective.

  2. [quote comment=”7530″]

    BTW. I knew this hours before you posted it. Why dont you guys have some way for your visitors to give you info about game stuff? would make this site much more effective.[/quote]

    It’s not that we didn’t know about it. It’s having the time in the middle of the day, while at work to post it,lol. I had read about this earlier too, just too busy at work. We aren’t going to have much breaking news here, but we put our spin on what’s happening and give you guys a chance to tell us what you think about it.

  3. Exactly what Anthony said. We’re never going to be a place that has breaking news before anyone else. We just like to talk about games with you guys.

  4. Thats quite allright.

    Guess i just have a wierd fantasy with Eddy in a suit going CNN style.

  5. Ok no price. Im sorry but as bad ass as that is, the lack of telling a price is gunna hype up a LOT of kids. NVGs are SUPER EXPENSIVE. I cant believe that if those things are ACTUALLY quality that the package wont be bellow $500. Sorry…Ill be getting Hardened. Id love the NVGs but….there is nothing inside me saying it will be below $500 if those are true NVGs.

    There is the possibility its like $350 and the NVGS SUCK. If I want a pair I want to make sure they are legit and fully functioning.

  6. [quote comment=”7536″]Thats quite allright.

    Guess i just have a wierd fantasy with Eddy in a suit going CNN style.[/quote]

    I have that same fantasy.

  7. I really hope they do continue with the night vision goggles, the thing is if they do release it they could face many potential lawsuits, think of when a kid gets their hands on one and looks in a bright light, they could end up blinding them, their capacity for causing harm towards people who dont act with them responsibly could mean that they wont give away the goggles

  8. [quote comment=”7543″]the suggested retail price for it is 150$… wtf?[/quote]

    The actual retail price is $175 a difference of…$50. You win the showcase showdown!

  9. Big old “meh” from me. Limited editions are getting even more ridiculous; soon, we’re going to get civilian model M-16s in our pre-orders. (/sarcasm)

    I don’t know, this just seems a little weird to me. I probably won’t even buy MW2, so one of the guys buying the NVGs can cover my lack of purchase.

  10. Sure they’re throwing in NVGs…but they didn’t mention anything about the BATTERIES! See, that’s how they get ya 😉

  11. While a fully functionally pair of green-eyes are nice, I’m mainly interested in the Art Book. Plus, I’ll get whatever goodies are in the Hardened version of MW2. I really hope there’s a making of bonus disc in the Hardened game box.
    But for $70, the Prestige Edition is worth it.

  12. Awesome – If you love the games or are a war buff and have the cash, buy it. If not, pay for the regular game. No reason to hate on creative, optional, packaging.

  13. it would be cool in the respect that having NVGs is just plain out awesome…. Yet… for $175-ish I sense a rip off. Hardened edition for me… I can turn the metal case into a lethal weapon. Try THAT with fancy headgear!

  14. I’m much more interested that it’s going to include a token for Call of Duty Classic (which is CoD1), which was a damn good game back when it came out. Had good reviews across the board. I still have my PC copy of CoD1.

  15. I think the colletor’s edition is enough. I really don’t see the need for NVGs as I won’t be walking around the streets at night time with them on. I’d get shot or something. However, they do look really cool……. I’m going to buy them..

  16. Sorry, I got my info mixed up. I just checked on the CoD Wikia and it said that Prestige is $150 and Hardened is $80. Hardened, has everything – the game, manual, art book, and code to download CoD1 (which I never played, so it’ll be fun to play the original) – except the NVG; but I’m not gonna fork over an extra $70 for them, so I’m more than happy with the Hardened version.

  17. [quote comment=”7563″]Awesome! Now I can wear my MC Helmet at night.[/quote]

    you sir, just made my day. (At 1:20a.m.?)

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