Mass Effect 2 Reveal Dev Diary

Wow. I know I keep saying it all the time, but every single new Mass Effect 2 video we get simply drives me crazy with anticipation. Every time I think I can’t possibly be any more excited about the game, Bioware does something awesome and makes me even more so. Take this new Mass Effect 2 Reveal Developers Diary, where the devs talk some more about the E3 demo, including a hint at one of the possible endings of the game. Needless to say, my jaw dropped when they said it. Give it a watch.

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4 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 Reveal Dev Diary”

  1. Ah I love this website but you guys are driving me crazy! I’m trying to avoid watching any mass effect 2 footage because I’m going into the army in October and won’t have a chance to play it for quite a while.

  2. I grabbed Mass Effect after hearing you guys go on and on about the 2nd one… I’m not much of an RPG person in the first place and so far after about an Hour I’m just not impressed… – Should I just give it more time??. . . =(

    1. Well the game takes a little bit to get going, but yeah, most of my good feelings from the game come from the story and just how stinking epic the whole thing is by the time it’s done. Combat takes a little getting used to, especially with no proper tutorial. Hopefully you start enjoying it more!

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