GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing, July 4th Edition

wolverineSo it’s a great big awesome holiday weekend for us Americanos, and I know that I for one will be hitting up the gaming in a major way. I really don’t get a whole lot of free time these days, and I’m really looking forward to playing my fill of some very good games.

Right now I’m working my way through Fight Night Round 4, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which is surprisingly very fun), Star Ocean and hopefully some Metal Gear Solid via PSN. In particular Wolverine has really shocked me with just how good it is. It’s the exact kind of Wolverine game that should have been made years ago, and proof that licensed games are getting better and better as gaming has been taken more seriously as a medium.

So what about you guys? What are you playing this weekend?

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  1. Still playing Shi No Numa. I’ve finally broken the curse of Wave 15, where my entire team would die because of the stupidest reasons, so now I’m up Wave 27. Not bad, not bad. I’ll admit, I had help from my four perks, PPSh-41, Trench Gun, MG42, and Wonder Waffle (love the DG-2) and Bouncing Betties, but hey, we were down to 3 people in the Doctor’s Quarters and we did really well until I ran out of DG-2 shots, and the zombies chose to rape me in a single hit. It was still fun.

  2. Well, I got myself back into Fallout 3. I also just resurrected my N6 4, so I’ve been playing me some Zelda! Also I’ve gotten into MJ’s Moonwalker, WaW, and some others.

  3. I just got an Xbox 360, so im gonna be playing some cod4 multiplayer (as i just finished the campaign.)

  4. I’ll pretty much be playing civ4 all weekend, if it’s addictive as everybody says it is. Never played a civ game before, so it’ll be an interesting experience.

  5. Neotokyo! (If you don’t know, its a HL2 Mod. Its pretty realistic, and its set in a futuristic Tokyo… Hence the name, Neotokyo) It came out today… And there’s still more to play, especially when the devs fix all the little release day bugs.

  6. Gonna play the hell out of Mass Effect and TF2. Probably a little of SMOD:Tactical Delta, this awesome mod for HL2. And if I get bored after all this, I’ll play Day of Defeat:Source and, as a last resort, Peggle.
    By the way, I’m not American, but I’m already on vacations 😛

  7. Now that the Fallout dlc is coming to ps3, i’ve gotten back into the game. I started a new character a week back and have been feeding it’s horrible addictive gameplay ever since. I love it so much

  8. Being in Canada is lame sometimes, we had our sort of independence (we waited politely instead of fighting for it) day on Wednesday. I’m currently looking for work though, so all holidays are meaningless.

    Anyways, I’m playing Red Faction: Guerrilla (which is awesome), World of Warcraft, StarCraft…And that’s about it. Oh, and Point Lookout DLC.

  9. Well over in N.Ireland the only Independance Day we have is the film. Just as cambot89 is getting back into F3 in light of the DLC, I too have started a new profile. But Operation: Anchorage was meant to be out by now and Bethesda are beginning to piss me off. Apparently they don’t want a hat trick in releasing faulty DLC. Hurry up is all I can say! I’m also playing a bit of RE5 and KZ2. I’m contemplating whether or not to get the map packs for KZ2 as they’re expensive for just 2 maps.

  10. I’ll be playing TF2 most of the time, i am very much addicted to it just now. I will also be playing Worms 2: Armageddon (new worms arcade) and Cell Factor Physcokinetic Wars (something along those lines) another awesome arcade game. If anyone wants to play TF2 just add me steam id is NoVo but i’ll tell you now, i ain’t that good.

  11. Started a new character in Fallout 3 for no particular reason, hit 2 weeks total game play time.

    Picked up the X-men game, it’s pretty dam satisfying to rip people to shreds with claws although you can pretty much kill everything with the “lunge” attacks.

    Oh, and I took the Sims 3 back for a full refund.

  12. after finaly getting web of intrige target 131 on easy mode im now completeing prototype on the next level and some css

  13. Assassins creed I’m going to play that game until I find every last flag and Templar. once that is done I will have every achievement for the game, then its on to mass effect to get to level 60.

  14. EVE Online. I found a new corp after leaving my inactive one and I must say, it’s going good.

    I’m also doing my fair share of movie watching but… that’s not gaming now is it?

  15. 8 week school vacation is great, so I feel sorry for you guys who only get 2 weeks.

    Anyway probably gonna play TF2 and maybe HL2.

  16. Just got to Wave 24 on Ninja Zombies (that’s what Shi No Numa is, because the zombies will sometimes appear right behind you after you finish rebuilding a barrier, AND double-swipe you lol). We had 3 guys, and I had 6 Weapons (Weapon Glitch ftw lol I’m a noob, right?) and all 4 perks. I never went down until we all got raped in the Doctor’s Quarters. I swear those zombies are hacking when they swing twice in one second and kill you immediately. Juggy is no match for a horde of zombies double-swiping.
    It was still really fun, though.

  17. I’ve been playing through Prototype but I’m stuck so gave up. I’ve been having issues with my PC lately; so I’ve ordered a second one while this one will be getting repaired…

    i7 2.66 quadcore (theoretically 8 cores) thanks to hyperthreading / 6 gb DDR3 1333 / GeForce GTX 275

    Things are gonna get craazy.

  18. Well, being British, my only option for July 4th was to quell American rebellion in Empire Total War.

    You’ll be happy to hear that Britain won and a new age of imperial domination can begin.

    Also I played TF2, WoW and the ArmA 2 demo.

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