Redefining Splinter Cell: Conviction

One of the games that impressed me the most from E3 that I truly didn’t expect was Splinter Cell: Conviction. The last couple of times we saw this game (years ago), it didn’t seem to have a whole lot going for it, but after some revamping and retooling, the game seems to be getting along just swimmingly. Here’s a new behind the scenes video that shows off the mindset that went behind the game’s attractive new design, and some of the new gameplay elements.

Who else thinks this game looks awesome?

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11 thoughts on “Redefining Splinter Cell: Conviction”

  1. Can’t wait for this game, loving the new look of Sam.

    I hope they don’t screw the PC over again like they did with TCSC:DA

  2. I never gave a care for this before I got the X-Play or G4 (or whatever they are) podcasts off iTunes. Un-fucking-real. I am so jealous that it’s a 360 exclusive. It looks like the game I’ve always planned on making (aspirations of becoming a game designer here). I swear, THIS is how you reinvent a franchise. If Ubisoft port it to PS3 eventually and AC2 or Red Steel 2turns out to be as good as the first were meant to be then I’ll forgive them for their past transgressions. ALL of them.

  3. Never thought I’d see the day…but Splinter Cell looks awesome once more. I’m psyched about the open-ended steath options and the seamless stealth-action loop thing – I just hope the mark-execute controls walk the fine line between enabling badassery and making complicated feats too simple (Prince of Persia, anyone?).

  4. Looks awesome. Even though the Mark and Execute and Ghostly Sam elements might make it pretty easy, I’d rather have an easy game that has streamlined but still exciting gameplay that lets you advance the story than a frustrating game with clunky controls that barely rewards you with story.
    I haven’t played many Splinter Cell games, or any stealth games at that, but I think Conviction will give me a great opportunity to get into the stealth action genre with easy-to-use interface.

  5. Sam Fisher is now an ultra bad ass even without his signature tri-goggles. Hopefully this lack of nightvison/thermal vision does not screw with the game play, it was such a important part of the last 4 games.

  6. God, my list of games I need to play is so long right now (thanks, steam and your 2K sale…) I don’t need this coming out anytime soon. Thing is, it looks so awesome I’d probably drop everything else to play it.

  7. The first SC game i got was chaos theory for the GC. It was good but each room took me a half an hour to scout out sneak through. All the security cameras, light and dark areas, enemy line of sight, sound meter… I never finished the game.

    Looks like this one’s gonna takes care of most of my issues. I like the idea of PEV too.

  8. “nightvison/thermal vision does not screw with the game play, it was such a important part of the last 4 games.”

    Thermal vision and blue vision were important, nightvision was effective ONCE per game, at best.

    I wish that the “dark” places were really pitch-black, like entire rooms of pitch-blackness that REQUIRED you to use nightvision, or else you couldn’t see.

  9. It looks great. I really do think that that will improve on what I have observed from the past splinter cell games. Its going on my list of games to get, and hopefully if multiplayer is good as well, will be one I can enjoy with others too

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