GamerSushi Asks: Gaming Thumbs?

fnr4There are some things that I think you all should know. Fight Night Round 4 came out last week. Fight Night Round 4 has realistic face punching physics. Fight Night Round 4 is a hell of a lot of fun. Seriously, I can’t stop playing this game. The legacy mode is deep and engaging, and your character even ages as you progress through scheduling your fights for the year.

However, one bad thing about the game is that it is giving me gaming thumbs. I think you know what I’m talking about. When you play a game so much that it starts to give you new callouses on your thumbs because you haven’t played a game like that in a while. Well right now, I’ve got those bad, because I seriously can’t seem to put it down. My brother came over the other night, and we squared off for nearly two hours throwing punches, dodging and dishing out uppercuts. It was heavenly and I highly recommend it.

So what about you guys? What was the last game that gave you gaming thumbs? Also, who else has played this game or wants to? Go!

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10 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Gaming Thumbs?”

  1. well I know Mario Party always gave me Blisters from all of the joystick spinning via mini-games. 😛 I can’t think of any off the top of my head for gaming thumbs…hmmm

  2. Right there with ya, Bacon. The Mario Parties all gave me new callouses because of the intense mini-games, but it was still total fun.
    Other than that, I suppose I don’t notice any new callouses from games I play. Maybe my whole hand is a callous. Ewww…

  3. I’ve never had them, but the closest I’ve come to them is on Gitaroo Man. Fail, start again, fail start again etc. all the while the button mashing taking its toll. Especially doing it on Hard mode. Ben-K is a right bastard. I’ve had it for 2 years and still haven’t completed it on Hard mode. I’ll go try again now. Here comes the pain, lol.

  4. I started to get some callouses from all the prototype I’ve played recently (3rd-person action games can only be truly played with a gamepad), but normally I game on my PC, and my mouse and keyboard aren’t very abusive to my thumbs.
    And I definitely need to play this game. When’s the last time a brawler this pure and simple came out?

  5. I agree, I picked it up the other day and love it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fighting game as balanced as this one. No hidden combos, tricks, or weapons. Everyone has just them and their fighter, and how well they can think on their feet.

  6. agree with wox42 bout prototype cos your always runnign sodding sprint on

    but reminds me of when i played 2 player with a person i know of killzone literaly 1 hour straight our thumbs were freezing

  7. Last game that gave me gaming thumbs was CoD 4, which I just stopped playing an hour ago.

  8. Fight Night has definitely left me with some gamer thumbs…and also the inside of my pink/ring fingers from where they grip the controller are getting pretty worn, too.

    I need to cut back, but they’ve improved so much from the last one that it’s hard to stop – the corporate ads aren’t as omnipresent and annoying, the game play has less of a pre-determined feel to it, and they actually have some cool music (rad remixes of Tokyo Police Club’s “The Baskerillve’s” and El-P’s “Flyentology” amongst others).

    It still kinda sucks to play online because most of the gamers are just random button mashers who over-punch instead of trying to fight realistically, but if you play with friends that actually know about boxing than this game is fun as hell…you can easily emulate Ali’s rope-a-dope or Tyson’s peek-a-boo styles.

    Anyway thought I’d share a gameplay video of Mike Tyson vs. Winky Wright that I found :

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