Top 10 Gamer Ripoffs

xblEven though many people live in a fantasy world where video game companies only exist to make fun things for cool people, the reality is that they also exist to take away our money. This is a fundamental truth that you can’t escape, and I won’t believe otherwise until someone starts giving me free video games.

That being said, sometimes gamers really get the raw end of the deal. Wired has put together a list of the top 10 ripoffs in the video game realm. They hit the nail on the head pretty well, especially the idea that the same game should be cheaper to download than it is for the physical disc, as well as the high cost of repackaged old school games with little to no new features. I also wholeheartedly agree with their numero uno, but you’ll have to read it to see it.

I think if they missed anything at all, it would be the handling of DLC right now. Sure, it’s not bad just yet, but it seems headed down some shady pathways. Anywho, what do you guys think the biggest ripoffs are in gaming, and what do you think of the list?

Source- Wired

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Gamer Ripoffs”

  1. They hit the biggest one of all, GAMESTOP.
    Seriously its a huge ripoff that they are allowing gamestop to monopolize the gaming world. Thats no joke. Pay for the game here and then get the ultimate unlock that you wouldn’t get normally/get when completing the game on super hard, RIGHT OFF THE BAT! Giving you, and Gamestop, the ‘competitive advantage’. Its total crap and only allows for the cruddy gamestop way to continue to run other stores out of business.

    Harvest Moon for the N64, before gamestop stopped selling them, was $50. I could have bought Halo 2 for the same price. WHAT THE BALLS!?

    Also M$ Gold is just UGH.

  2. Ubisoft’s DLC should be a big one. What a crock.

    I heard that Microsoft is thinking about losing the “Space Bucks” method of payment, so maybe we’ll have to find a new number one…Anything Blizzard has done with SC2, anyone?

  3. Assholes. Pure assholes.
    I’m talking about the companies who make stupid decisions and rip you off, the pirates who steal games, and the things on your rear-end.

  4. Totally agree with it all. Especially the Gamestop one.

    I HATE going there but I hove to because used game dealers are the ONLY people who sell classic games I like (Heck, even then, that games isn’t too old.) And I remember Smooth Few Films making a little short about that, I believe it was called the Gunstop Way or something, that essentailly IS Gamestop. I had a buddy that went to go grab CoD 4, He finds the game and it’s $55! He could see a $45 or a $50 that was scribbled out in Sharpie and the new price tag placed above it. He told me about that on Live and I was like, “That’s F*cking Bullsh*t!”

    To get back on topic though, GS charging extra for certain features is horrible. If I recall correctly, there was a similar thing was done with H.A.W.X. but there were about 3 or so different retailers so if you wanted ALL the planes you had to buy THREE (Yes, three) different copies. Ridiculous. I’m 90% sure that’s correct however I may be wrong on that one.

  5. The #1 item is right. That pisses me off when I buy games on the Virtual Console that I have to get out a calculator and spreadsheet to figure out what combination of games to buy to fit into the $20 I want to spend.

    And the 360 points are just retarded.

    PSN is the best, but the $5 increments is annoying, too.

  6. “And the 360 points are just retarded.”

    Seconded. Example: I want to get the DLC packs for fallout 3, preferably online. But nope, I have to make some stupid ass game tag for their site or something, then get “FUNBUX” YAY! -_- So in the end I’ve decided to say %$#! it and get the disc at a store. Btw if you have the original on Steam, and buy the disc, will the DLC packs work?

  7. 360 hard drive prices. YES. I don’t want to pay upwards of $140 for 120 gigs. Seriously, Microsoft? I got 1.5TB for less than that.
    The DRM debate really depends on the situation. I don’t mind a disc check, but install limits and malware are bogus. Gamestop’s in-game bonuses for pre-ordering is an isolated case, so far. Let’s hope it stays that way.
    Nintendo withholding games from America is an interesting case, as bad localization can ruin a game, and nippon ichi can only churn out so many translations every year.
    And I don’t mind Microsoft points too much. Because I use steam. But for god’s sake, keep your mind-boggling currency to the 360. Don’t make me use it to buy Fallout 3 DLC for my PC. And drop GFWL, while we’re at it. Please.

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