GamerSushi Asks: Changing Your Favorites?

ff7We all have games that we have adored throughout the years, returning to play them again and again. Typically, it’s hard for us to see the games we love as anything but perfect, having put them up on a pedestal. Occasionally though we will tear off the rose colored glasses and start to see the cracks in their armor.

For instance, I wish that Final Fantasy VII had a class system. While the materia system was a good idea, it was implemented in such a way that every character was just the same person with a different skin. Nothing strategic at all about how you formated your party. Likewise, with some of my more recent favorites, I wish that Call of Duty 4 had some kind of co-op mode, or that Halo 3 had a Horde mode a la Gears of War 2.

So what about you guys? What do you think you would change about some of your favorite games? Go!

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17 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Changing Your Favorites?”

  1. This is hard for me because I don’t wish for things, I take them as they are.

    Hmm..maybe for Final Fantasy VI to rely less on magic and more on skills.

    I would like SF IV to have less confusing new features that are hard to learn.

    I know: FF Tactics A2 to not have such a kiddie storyline.

  2. It’s odd, maybe because I’ve been playing it for years, maybe because it’s actually got a lot of issues, but I’d change quite a few things about Morrowind.
    I’d give it a graphical update, put a Havok physics system in, and upgrade the combat mechanics, as well as the magic mechanics.

    And I agree about FFTA2. That was a great game marred by a throw-away storyline. Maybe un-overpower some classes, too.

  3. Well you should be happy ODST has fire fight basically the HALO 3 version of horde mode.

    As for some of my favorites SW Republic Commando add more levels/coop mode.
    Assassins creed, flag collection gives an in game reward ie weapons also sub assassination missions.
    Freedom Fighters: More weapons more levels and the option to do all missions as full frontal assaults or sneak in.

  4. Im pretty much a fan of race games, like Mario kart. But they never have race track editors! That would be great for any race game.

    Also, I wish Half life 2 had more veaicles, just like Halo. I think thats the inly thing Valve is missing on.

  5. I wish Fallout 3’s V.A.T.S. system was a little better. If I’m fighting several Feral Ghouls or Muties, I don’t really give a shit about where the dead enemy’s head is flying off to, because it leaves my character motionless to be torn/shot up instead of firing my next round/exiting V.A.T.S. And along with that, balancing the weapons, because it my mind, energy weapons would be more powerful than conventional firearms, and even though my ew rating is at least 40 points higher than my small guns, an assault rifle still does more damage than a laser rifle. And finally, better exposition playouts. Fallout 3 has an awesome story, but scenes of exposition are lackluster at best, mostly due to the character responses being rather unemotional. Half-Life 2’s exposition points are awesome because you can see the reactions in the character’s faces. I wish Fallout 3 had that.

  6. My favorite game would have to be Thief: The dark project. I like it but when it was being made, the company producing it didn’t have much money and it was a time in which marketers said that every game needed to be an action game. Basically, a lot of stuff got cut. So that’s what I would change I think.

  7. Well, I’ve loved Call of Duty 4 for the longest time, but now World at War’s Nazi Zombies mode has captivated me. I don’t play WaW Online Multiplayer because it’s too boring (although I did play a few games of Search on the three new maps, and I like them a lot), and Shi No Numa is just epic fun.
    Once MW2 (omgasm) comes out, I think I’ll just on that immediately and play the huck out of it, but I’ll probably still go back to WaW’s Nazi Zombies once in a while. What I hope is that Treyarch release one more Map Pack with a new Nazi Zombies map even after MW2 comes out just to add more spice to the old game.
    Anyway, as for CoD4, MP just got boring after a while, and after MP there’s not much else to do in CoD4.
    Other games that were my favorite but I lost interest have been Fallout 3 – it was incredible, but now it’s sort of boring. I finished the game and I don’t have the will to replay it as an Evil person. It’s seriously harder to be evil than good in some situations.
    Halo 3 – it just got really, really, REALLY annoying after CoD4 came out. Halo 3’s MP is pathetic compared to other games. Forge is still kinda fun, but I lost interest in that too. I’ve wanted to do the Vidmaster challenge, where you play through all of Campaign on Mythic difficulty, but not to be rewarded with Recon (well, okay, it is an awesome bonus) but because I just want to play Halo 3’s Campaign again with friends, which was a lot of fun the first time.

  8. I wish GTA4 has a better engine, an engine which is actually optimized for PCs.

    Also, I wish Fallout 3 had a lot more “real” side-quests.

    And I wish Counter-Strike:Source would be ported to the Left 4 Dead Engine. (Multi-Core-Rendering FTW!)

  9. I wish CS:Source played more like the original CS.

    I wish they spent more time on Fallout 3’s MAIN quest. There were so many great sidequests that I played through them all first. When i finaly came back to the main quest, there was probably 3 hours of gameplay left… And I wish your dad actualy cared about you…

  10. I wish Nintendo would re-release Zelda OoT and MJ using the TP engine. THat would rock.

    I also really wish they did more with Oblivion. The quests get kind of old after awhile. Fetch this, kill that. That, and there are numerous glitches.

  11. Far Cry 2 should have co-op at least if you had to stay in the same Seko. Twilight Princess should have a difficulty where I can die or have enemies pose a challenge. MGS4 could have trophy support and an update that brings a few new weapons to both the SP and MGO. Surely these are possible requests?

  12. i wish for farcry 2 to have a better respawn system so you have to spend more time or go further away from a camp till it respawns and when it does they get dropped of from a truck cos they spawn too damn fast

  13. If only StarFox 64 had a save system so I didn’t have to leave my N64 on all night. *Sigh*.

    Also, if they could make it so Farcry 2 wasn’t the same 4 different types of missions all the time. That got old.

    Finally, HL2: Ep3 should be released soon. Why does that seem like its not Valve’s number one priority? Because it should be, if it isn’t.

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