Alpha Protocol Demonstration

So, I’m not quite sold on Alpha Protocol yet. I feel like I flip-flop a little on the game each time I see it. Sometimes it looks like the cool parts of Mass Effect mixed with some Splinter Cell, and other times it just looks like a bad mashup of both of those games. This developer walkthrough has a couple of cool points to it, but I’m still not sure how I feel. All in all, I’m wondering if the game will be a slightly decent substitute while I wait for Mass Effect 2 to come out. Thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Alpha Protocol Demonstration”

  1. I dont think it suits me.

    it looks like too much combat (which doesnt look fun) and not enough dialouge/stealth.

    And everything looks like Bauer/Bourne dialouge meanwhile i wanted a Bond type of guy

  2. I got about a minute deep and got totaly turned off…

    “Alpha Protocol”? Jesus, I thought people stopped naming games so cliché once we passed floppy discs…

    And the lead character looks like a nerdy tech guy. The Geek Squad fired him and now he’s joined… dun dun duuuh “Alphaaaa Protocooool”

  3. Looks awesome. The combat looks streamlined, I just hope the controls are the same.
    It’ll be cool to play a Bourne video game. Can’t wait for AP!

  4. Everyone has to remember this is an RPG I bet if the developer had putt his stealth up all the way it would have a totally different video.

  5. I did want it, then after seeing gameplay during E3 I don’t. The gameplay looks awful clunky and unpolished, and the dialogue system fails in comparison to Mass Effect. Also, the graphics are very lackluster.

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