GamerSushi Asks: Frustrating Tasks?

ghostbustersSo over the weekend, I played and finished the Ghostbusters video game. Overall, it wasn’t the best game ever, but it certainly had its decent portions. And heck, it was essentially Ghostbusters 3, so how can you not love it? I’ve been waiting years for more Ghostbusters content, and this provided it.

Anywho, Anthony played the game on easy, so he wouldn’t understand, but one of the game’s biggest issues for me was its “cheap death” mechanic, where it would constantly kill you just out of the blue and with no real way to prevent it. There’s not a very friendly dodge function in the game, so really you just run around and circles and take punishment from bad guys and hope to not get whacked.

Well, one particular part of the game proved to be one of the hardest things I’ve done in a video game. And it kind of sucked.

You’re asked to knock down a magically sealed gate, but you have to do it by grabbing these stone angels out of the sky and smashing them into it. Problem is the stone angels kill you in 1-2 hits, and they are swarming around you the entire time. On top of that, some exploding tombstone things are running around at your feet and they can take you down just as easily. You have to do all of this and avoid death while hitting the gate with about 6 angels. This was the very last level of the game, and after about an hour of trying and failing, I was ready to quit.

Luckily though, I came, saw and kicked its ass, so it’s all good. Anyhow, what was the last really frustrating thing you had to do in a video game? Something that was hard, or you had no idea what you were supposed to do? Go!

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  1. Yeah, I played on Casual cause i read that Experienced was way too tough and I just wanted to see the story. Besides, the Trophy was the same for both, so…

    You can Slime Tether those stone angels, too. Worked well for me, but that part was hard even on casual. And I never play games on easy.

    The Water Temple in Ocarina. Anyone who claims to have beaten that without a guide is lying.

  2. I would definitely have to say the entirety of Star Wars:TFU. That game was rediculous. Especially the section where you pull the Star Destroyer out of the sky

  3. Call of Duty: World at War on Veteran…all they do is spam grenades RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU! They use grenades more than guns, and once you go to shoot them, they seem to have 99.9% accuracy and take 2 or 3 shots at most to kill you. One level (I believe it was Fall of Reich) too me around 3 hours total between stopping due to frustration. And I still have yet to beat Mile High Club on Veteran in Modern Warfare…I never tried that one too much, but I could see the hostage door and I was reloading and some dude w/ a shotgun just killed me at the last second…that’s when I stopped 😛

  4. Relentless on Veteran is literally relentless. Actually, pretty much all of the levels in World at War, and all of the levels in the Call of Duty series are next to impossible on Veteran. But they’re still possible if you have patience.

  5. Iv mentioned it I think twice on this site.

    Ace Combat 6, the damn Agion mission. It was worse time wise than you situation Eddy, Mine lasted about the same as yours but I came back and tried to do it probably….10-12 times. Mind you the sad thing was the mission itself takes so long that getting to the super hard part would take about 30 min. It was ridiculous.

  6. For me the most memorable bit in a game to get past was the final part of the final level in GRAW 2. It took me FOREVER to beat it, but now I can just whiz on through since I’ve beaten it.

    So my hardest task ever was playing Mirror’s Edge on Hard, this was only an issue with the level Pirandello Krueger and everything past it with the exception of the boat level.

    On a different note, I think the Halo games are very confusing at times becuase there isn’t really a “Go this way” indicator and I have been forced to resort to guides on certain sections.

    So for me,Mirror’s Edge, GRAW 2, and the Halo games are the hardest for me (In order of difficulty) They’re all fun, just challenging.

  7. well pretty much all of i wanna be the guy. that game is hard. oh and call of duty 3, that game was difficult and overall sucked ass.

  8. [quote comment=”7297″]and Anthony…I didn’t use a guide…I beat it before Middle School too[/quote]

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

    J/k. That’s awesome man.

  9. I can’t really think about the most frustrating task in a video game, per se, but escort missions are pretty damn obnoxious, no matter what game you’re playing. I’d say my most frustrating time, though, would be my first time playing MGS4. My friend put me on the hardest difficulty, assuring me, “don’t worry, it’s just a movie.” And it was, for the first 15 minutes or so. Not including the first 30 seconds or so of gameplay, I couldn’t make it through the first sequence. I couldn’t glean too much from the cryptic sequences, but apparently Snake isn’t on either side of the fight – but that seems to mean they’ll both shoot him. Who knew.

  10. I just got 1000/1000 in Prototype the other day, but to do that, I had to beat the game on hard. Well, anyone who has played the game knows that the final boss is pretty damn hard. On hard, he takes away half of precious health with a standard attack, and ALL of it with a devastator. You, on the other hand, and only take away a millimeter per attack. That’s all fine and good until you finally get him down to 1/4 health, and the military retreats and will blow up the city in two minutes. So you have two minutes to defeat the boss whom the entire time has taken forever to damage. Oh, and if you die or miss the time limit, you have to restart the whole battle.

  11. Hm. It’s hard for me to think of something specific, but I do get frustrated. I always play new games on Medium and Hard if they’re same series and the mechanics havent changed (i.e. COD 4 – WaW)

    One thing that just happened yesterday was I was playing Mario 64 for the first time in.. forever.. and I was collecting the 8 red coins in the Ghost House, and I kept falling off the edge in the one room that takes you aaall the way down to the Water outside that spinny room… My roomate and I were laughing so hard I could hardly play, I think I fell 7 times and he had to listen to the “yaa-hoo” jumps all the way up around the mansion again =D.

  12. The Boat and the Server Room in Mirrors Edge on hard.

    All I can say is “OH MY GOD, CUT IT OUT YOU AIM HACKING BASTARDS” was screamed quite a few times.

    This phrase was also screamed on Charlie Don’t Surf and on the one SAS level where you find Al-Khasad in CoD4. That SAS level was…





  13. I try to repress memories of such keyboard smashing, sweaty hand mouse moments. But..

    COD-anything on Veteran is painfully hard (although I guess that’s the intention) I can honestly say I don’t have the patience to beat any cod on veteran. I got pretty far in COD2 but eventually lost my sanity.

    The 2 prototype boss fights were pretty dam hard. I haven’t had the guts to try them on anything past normal yet and it was still some truly RAGEQUIT full fights!

    Playing any splinter cell game can be pretty hard at times, especially when it’s your first play through…expect much quick-loading.

    L4D on expert….if you accidentally shoot your team-mate then he/she is pretty much screwed.

    I rented GRID one weekend for the PC and got sick of it within a couple of seconds…as far as I could tell if you hold the left key down for 1 fraction of a second too long then you are going to crash.

    I’m sure there’s plenty more…but thanks for making me dig up the repressed memories! Now if you will excuse me I am going to retreat to my cupboard with a bible and a copy of Half-Life 2 to cleanse my gamer soul.

  14. Pomer: The mission was Safehouse, and that one was a BITCH.
    Oh, and it’s Al-Asad. Yes, I know I have OCD.

  15. COD. As many have stated before, on veteran, it’s ridiculous. I swear to god in W@W, I was getting shot by no one nowhere. I was behind a damn sandbag line and a metal crate, and I still get shot to death. It wouldn’t be so bad if the enemies would STOP SPAWNING INFINTELY and as someone else said, grenades fell out of the sky like raindrops. Can we all agree infinitley spawning enemies in that game is the stupidest thing?

  16. i agree with some of the people above that the 2 times you fight supreme hunters are hardest i only managed to kill the end one by throwing the missiles and helicopters at him just to stay out of range from the fricken tendril attack and the helicopters are useless he just jumps up and smashes it and the missles do nothing

    i played first supreme hunter quite easy didnt lose too much health i go through again cos i missed some of the end cutscene (do you know how anoying it is to fight a boss that you dont know where it came from or who it is?)

    lets face it first boss fight in the hive is piss easy with sword i took him down in 4 arial-to-ground hits sodding supreme hunters block them

  17. Any of you played TimeSplitters 2? Try getting platinum medals on all of the challenges in challenge mode. Hell, gold is already frustrating on all of them…

  18. I beat the water temple without a guide, just patience and random running around the place.

    My hardest times were Shadow Link in the Water temple in ocarina of time and the start of Majora’s Mask (Clock Town) trying to become normal link again 😛 but that was because I didn’t understand English at the time so I didn’t know what to do.

  19. Water Temple was confusing, although I thought that Shadow Link was pretty easy…

    Currently trying to beat the monorail level in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, on Realistic, of course. So I get a maximum of 4 hits before I die. I have to get up a level into the monorail station by using the ONE escalator that they provide. The enemies sometimes do not spawn until I am up there, and my temmates can’t shoot through their own smoke for some reason. They also can’t throw grenades to save their lives, and I mean that. I also ran out of grenades, but that’s my fault.

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