Rumor: Mass Effect 2: There Will Be Bloodbaths

me2One of the coolest things I think I’ve ever seen in an RPG, and perhaps one of the defining moments of my life as a gamer, came in the Bioware RPG Knights of the Old Republic. In one crazy-ass sequence of scenes, your party can literally turn on itself, causing some to run away, some to fight you to the death and perhaps even a force command of one friend to kill another. It was glorious, because I had never experienced anything like that.

While we don’t know any details at all about Mass Effect 2, we do have a glimpse from an interview with Bioware project director Casey Hudson, who says that the game’s ending could end up being a veritable bloodbath. Apparently, the game sets you up to go on a dangerous mission at game’s end, and if you’re not prepared, it could all go south:

If you don’t do a lot of the stuff, or make the right kind of choices, the ending will be a bloodbath, and the people that you brought with you will die, and it’ll be a great ending, but it’ll be that kind of ending.

This sounds amazing. Why can’t this game be out like, tomorrow? Also, what are some of the wildest endings you’ve seen to a video game?

EDIT: Apparently this interview has caused quite a stir on the official forums for the game, because people are stupid. The dude at one point hinted that you would have an all new party, which caused people to go ballistic because they wanted certain characters back. Bioware clarified that they haven’t announced any details on parties yet, and that in some instances some of the old party could be back. Though some say that means this interview is incorrect in its entirety, I disagree. Regardless, I will slap a rumor tag on it.

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10 thoughts on “Rumor: Mass Effect 2: There Will Be Bloodbaths”

  1. Not to ruin your day, or anything Eddy. Im probably as excited about ME2 as you are.
    This “Interview” has caused quite an outrage on the official boards, mostly because of this.

    “All the squad members that you pick up are completely new characters”

    People thought this meant that your old party wouldnt matter, or get killed off quickly somehow.

    The Bioware devs quickly came in and destroyed the Bloodbath and Party romours though.

    Chris Priestly (community coordinator): “We have not yet revealed the details of your party for Mass Effect 2 or the fates of the characters you know from Mass Effect 1. We will have more information on this in the months to come.”

    So some of the listed interview must be incorrect. So the rest of the interview is not seen as true so far.

  2. Just because Bioware clarified his statement, it doesn’t make everything he said not true.

    I doubt it’s incorrect, just Bioware trying to alleviate people’s concerns, because people went ballistic over “OMG NO WREX?”. He said you’d have an all new party with new characters. Bioware responded and said your old party would be in the game and in some instances COULD be a part of your new squad. Both of those things could be true, considering that some of your party is dead and some is alive depending on how you played the game.

    People freaked about the dumbest part of the interview. I don’t care if I have all new characters.

    Nothing the guy said really conflicts all that much with anything Bioware clarified. Even if you have one or two old characters, it’s still a new party with new characters.

  3. I just read the thread on this over at Kotaku, and my brain still hurts. Like you both said, people are going bat-shit insane over the prospect of no more Wrex.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved him too, but here’s on thing people seem to be forgetting: he can DIE in the ORIGINAL! That’s right, you can put both barrels through his big krogan face, so obviously he isn’t that important to the overall ME story arc.

    People need to learn to take video games a little less seriously. Honestly, I don’t think movies or books ever had this problem to this degree. These games are being made by teams of professionals, and all of them are working together to create the best experience possible, so relax. ME2 is in good hands.

    (Rant over, and if you didn’t know Wrex could die, the statute of limitations on ME spoilers is long gone.)

  4. The thing is, Wrex probably is in the game anyway. Just might not be in your party.

    I mean, I don’t even care, because I killed the dude. But people need to realize that there’s no way that Bioware could craft a unique story for the party if everyone’s parties are different. The characters that could die were always going to become peripheral characters. They need to learn to deal.

  5. I think folks need to remember that any characters who can possibly die in the first game must by necessity be minor characters in the second game if you’re going to take the players’ actions as canon.

    If ME2 defined canon as Wrex living no matter what the player did in ME1 he could be a major character. They’re letting the player influence canon, though, so some sacrifices must be made.

  6. People get too worked up over this crap. People seem to start from the position: “Impress me” with their arms crossed, like Bioware owes them something.

    If you loved Wrex so much, doesn’t it stand to reason that Bioware is capable of creating a new character that would be just as awesome? Give them a little credit and stop trying to control everything!

  7. [quote comment=”7119″]God, great minds, eh? (Even though mine is filled with typos and grammatical flaws. Rage typing!)[/quote]

    Rage typing: official sport of the internet!

  8. I reallly, really, really, REALLY hope that ME2’s (omgasm?) gameplay will not blow huge pens.

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