Project Natal Appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Microsoft has to be pretty pleased with themselves after E3, seeing as how Project Natal seemed to be the talk of the show. While the tech stuff they showed off looked impressive, it’s yet to really get gamers on board with it completely. Well, last night, Jimmy Fallon, host of Late Night, invited some XBox dudes to demo Project Natal in front of a live audience.

I have to admit, even though the dodgeball/break-out game looked a bit strange and un-coordinated, the driving bit at the end actually looks kind of fun. We’ll see how the tech continues to develop. What do you guys think?

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6 thoughts on “Project Natal Appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

  1. I was initially amazed, but I have spoken to some people who have a PS3 Eye and they say most of the motion stuff is just a slightly higher tech version of that. Have to wait and see, I guess.

  2. Ha, there have been so many Kudo BAM! remixes since E3. It’s like the new Christian Bale rant.

    I was a little off-put by Natal at first, but this demonstration has got me hooked. That thing looks like a lot of fun, which is more than I can say for waving a dongle in the air.

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