Crackdown 2 Has 4 Player Co-Op And Awesomeness

crackdown2Crackdown is still one of my favorite games of this generation so far. The game played like an open world platformer, with sandbox elements and super powers to boot. I loved orb hunting, whooping up on gang members, and making my car do ridiculous jumps. The city really is your playground.

Luckily for dudes like me, Crackdown 2 is coming to the 360 next year. And not only that, but apparently it’s getting 4 player co-op! The co-op experience was a blast with just 2 players in the first game, so I really can’t imagine how fun it is going to be with that many super powered agents destroying the city together. I seriously can not wait for this game.

Who else is excited about this news? What other games would you like to see get this kind of upgrade?

Source- VG247

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6 thoughts on “Crackdown 2 Has 4 Player Co-Op And Awesomeness”

  1. 4 player co-op? Sounds insane, really. I’d love to run around with 4 of my friends, beating up gang-members, creating carnage wherever we can. Loved part 1, and I seriously can’t wait for part 2.

    As for the other games. Mirrors Edge 2 multiplayer? Sounds catchy. Also, needing 2 players to assassinate certain people in Assassins Creed 2 would be awesome to. Seriously.

    Anyway, very cool news.

  2. Gears of war with 4 player coop would be off the hook.
    Army of 2 with four player coop would be good as well, but the 4 player campaign would have to be separate from the main 2 player campaign.
    Fable, Fable 2 had good 2 player coop, if the next fable had 4 player coop it would have be dungeon crawler related/ a really hard main game quest and let the players have their customized characters from their single player game.

  3. I might just get Crackdown 1 (along with BioShock 1) and play them over the summer so I can appreciate their sequels. Looks awesome!

  4. Crackdown 1 was sweet and I know i played countless hours in co-op with my friends just destroying stuff and driving around looking for orbs. Definitely worth getting the first just to get the idea of what it actually was and a hang of the gameplay.

  5. Crackdown was a terribly underrated game. I totally geeked out when they showed the trailer for Crackdown 2 in the MS Press Conference. So pumped about 4-player co-op. Bring it on!

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