A Bloody History of Duke Nukem Forever

dnfIn case you hadn’t heard, the longest running gag in the video game industry, Duke Nukem Forever, finally had the nail put in its coffin in the last month or so. After a long, ridiculous history, the game that had been teased for nigh on 12 years by 3D Realms is now officially dead.

So, how exactly did we get to this point? And just why does it take 12 years to make a game that ultimately never gets released? Well, CVG has compiled the entire history of Duke Nukem Forever in one easy to read post, complete with some video documentation to make the ride more enjoyable.

I have to say, it’s fascinating to read about, and it makes me wonder just what the hell 3D Realms was even doing all that time. One other cool thing is that they do have a leaked video of Duke Nukem Forever gameplay on there as well. What do you guys think? Does it look like it could have been worth the wait?

Source- CVG

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3 thoughts on “A Bloody History of Duke Nukem Forever”

  1. 3D Realms was trying to be Japanese. But failed.
    I mean honestly, it took them 12 years to crank out those kinds of textures and animations that Infinity Ward or Bungie or any of the other competent developers could create in a year or two. Pathetic! (Heck, Halo 3: ODST is being made by a team of no more than 30 people, and after 2 years it looks beautiful.)
    Duke Nukem Forever equals EPICEST FAIL OF VIDEO GAME HISTORY. It’s worse than ET because at least we could play ET!

    In the end, we all know 3D Realms was busy animating and…admiring their fan service.

  2. I’ll have to disagree with you on one thing Cossack, we couldn’t play ET! It was just to bad to play. However, duke nukem forever is the epicest fail in video game history

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