Team Fortress 2: Every Class is Different

While I hear that this hilarious video is based off of a Strong Bad e-mail, it doesn’t change the fact that this TF2 inspired Every Class is Different skit is awesome. Narrated by the spy, it’s a quick run down of all the Team Fortress 2 classes, and whether or not you’ve played the game, I think you’ll find something humorous. Good stuff, give it a watch.


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4 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2: Every Class is Different”

  1. Hilarious! I actually was feeling nostalgic earlier today and watched the aforementioned Strong Bad email this is based on. What a treat that this would also appear today. Excellent!

  2. Ha! Hilarious!
    Is it just me, or have more and more Homestarrunner parodies been coming out? I cant really say exactly where each one was, but I’ve just noticed them. Whatever. Awesome parody on TF2 AND Sbemails!

  3. Nice! I recently got back into some TF, and I’ve been having a ball playing spy. Got the new revolver, which is a massive headshotting beast.

    Ha, I love how the Sniper lives in an van and throws pee. Kinda creepy.

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