Top 3 Hottest New Releases For June

proto1All my complaining about a sparse summer season for games has fallen by the wayside, as now I simply am struggling to keep up with it all. We just had Infamous drop and now here comes a few more potential blockbusters to soak up the summer hours:

1. Prototype: 6/11 (PS3/360) Another open-world game where the protagnist gets super-powers? Yeah, it sounds a lot like Infamous, but Prototype has the chance to be something really special if the videos and previews I have read are at all accurate. It takes place in New York, not a fictional city and you have the power to take the shape of different people and then infiltrate their areas. Or you can simply use your claws and super strength to destroy everything in your path. If you want tons of action, this might be for you.

2. Ghostbusters: 6/18 (all consoles) If you grew up in the 80s, then this game is something you have been eyeing since it was announced. With most of the original cast (save Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis) returning to do voice acting and a script from Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis, this game has the pedigree. The graphics look spectacular and the concept is perfect for a video game. But will the gameplay hold up? I can’t wait to find out!

3. Fight Night Round 4: 6/25 (PS3/360) I have never really played any of these games, but Eddy tells me that they are a blast and with online and the awesome graphics, this looks like a fun game to play with some friends. Plus, I have a thing for boxing games, dating back to Boxing for the Intellivision. I just downloaded the demo this morning, so I will give it the good old college try and see what this is all about, but many people are very excited for it.

Other notable releases:

  • Overlord II: 6/25 (PS3/360)
  • Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings: 6/8 (Wii/PS2)
  • Tiger Woods PGA 2010: 6/10 (all consoles)

So there you go, there are plenty more games coming out in June, but I think these are the ones with the greatest chance to be awesome. And being awesome is what a game should aspire to. Are you guys going to be picking any of these up?

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11 thoughts on “Top 3 Hottest New Releases For June”

  1. I’ve been looking forwards to Prototype for about three years, and it’s finally coming out. I’ll be getting it for the PC in the hopes of better graphics, so hopefully it won’t be a bad port. Overlord II looks pretty good too.

  2. I agree, these are probably the best coming out this month. Prototype sounds interesting, I’d like to hear what everyone thinks about it when it comes out.

    But I’m particularly interested in ghostbusters. I mean, this game has been delayed so many times now. I’m hoping that with the long wait for this game that it turns out good.

  3. Off of this list, I’m most interested in how Prototype’s long term play is going to hold up. Still messing around in L4D as a late-to-party owner.

    This is an semi-unrelated side note, but, just out of curiosity, is GamerSushi ever going to get a section based more focally on computer games? Or start covering them at any point? I guess I’m just from a small niche in the computer gaming world (in a way, not really, as a lot of..well..teens/pre-teens/young adults play free/micro processed/p2p computer games.) but I haven’t heard anything on here about the Release of Huxley: The Dystopia through IJJI or anything of the sort. It’s previously gotten some press through XPLAY and IGN so I thought you guys might have heard about it.

  4. Just started my second play through of Infamous, this time Im going to make all the evil decisions. Preordered Prototype for 360 and am on the fence for Ghostbusters. Im gonna pick up Tiger Woods later in the month. Look forward to what you think July’s best are.

  5. I’ve been waiting for Prototype for some time. I always got it confused with Infamous. And it comes out on my birthday? Sweeetness.

  6. Overlord 2 is this month? Oh glorious evil day!

    Renting Prototype when it hits. Wonder how it will stack up with inFamous…

  7. [quote comment=”7082″]Tru, Infamous and PROTOTYPE are pretty similar. Almost too much…

    But Prototype seem more… badass-er.[/quote]

    This is true. Only played demo of Infamous so far, though.

  8. i think from just looking at trailers an stuff for both infamous and prototype i see 1 major difference

    infamous is about being good or evil

    prototype is just about surviving

    some 1 said prototype is like spiderman+gta and i thought erm maybe but remember they dont have a silly costume which does nothing for the street cred both these games look badass in a subtle way like writing “ill rip your head off” in crayons

  9. Ive beat InFamous and played the hell out of Prototype last night and so far all I can say is while InFamous feels much more smooth and looks nicer, Prototype has its own vibe going… its pretty entertaining. Story-wise, if Prototype doesn’t have some amazing ending, InFamous takes the cake… honestly Im about to start skipping cutscenes lol. The only reason people are comparing the two is because they came out so close together but if I could only have one it’d be InFamous.

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