Miyamoto Announces New Zelda for Wii

evolution-of-linkNintendo had a pretty good showing at E3, but one thing was missing that irked some people: a new Zelda for the Wii. Well, irk no more, because 1UP has revealed that during a roundtable discussion, Shigeru Miyamoto unveiled plans for a new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii, due out in 2010. The reason it was not shown at E3 is the team wanted to focus on defining the concept of the new Zelda game rather than waste time on a demo.

1UP also reports that

During the discussion, Miyamoto briefly showed an image from the game featuring a mature Link barely visible through a broken wall. Although the picture only showed Link from behind, a short girl in a long robe stood in full view at Link’s back. Wearing a crystal necklace and emanating a blue aura, she gave off an otherworldly look

Joystiq adds, in their own report, that it could possibly be a Motion Plus exclusive, but that the details are not finalized.

Excited? Dismayed? It sounds like they are trying to make Zelda fresh again, which would be welcome news, especially after seeing the footage of the new Metroid game.

Source: 1UP

Source: Joystiq

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7 thoughts on “Miyamoto Announces New Zelda for Wii”

  1. I’ll be excited for this only if it comes the the GC, which I still have lying around somewhere. Further, as a general message to devs, please stop endlessly teasing announcements of teases of previews. Just announce your damn game, give us some screenshots, and go back to making it. I’m lookin’ at you, Kojima.

  2. Yay! I rarely buy games but my brother will definitely buy this so I don’t have to, I can just play it when he’s done!

  3. Yay! I hope they keep the adult and darker style of TP because, as much as I like Toon Link, TP Link was my fave by far.

  4. So it is for next year, I wasn’t sure. It’s great to hear that the new one is close to arriving!

  5. Well, I’m just happy for a new Zelda game. Twilight Princess was pretty dang good, and I hope Nintendo stays true to the original formula.

  6. So, “The next Zelda game will be as radical as the transition from 2D Zelda to 3D Zelda was.”

    I wonder if it’s going to live up to that hype. I have to get it, merely because it’s a Zelda game. My collection wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t!

  7. Well, as excited a I am for a new Zelda, I really hope they find a way to change the formula. It’s worked since Ocarina, but that’s been what? Four full fledged titles all using the same basic system. Go through the temples, find some stuff, find out you need more stuff, temples, Ganon, win.

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