Heavy Rain E3 Gameplay

Not a whole lot of people played Indigo Prophecy, the cinematic mystery thriller from Quantic Dream that turned out to be one of my favorite games of last generation. It played like a movie and a point and click adventure, with quick time events for the action-heavy segments. It was Myst, a noir film, and Dragon’s Lair all rolled into one.

Well, the next Quantic Dream game, Heavy Rain, looks even more impressive than that one. Coming for the PS3, the game has some incredible graphics, and really seems to have unique gameplay that we don’t always find. This E3 demonstration has some of the first glimpses we’ve seen, and I’m really intrigued now. I know not everyone will love the QTE action sequences, but personally, I’m ok playing those since it’s such a unique game. What do you guys think?

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3 thoughts on “Heavy Rain E3 Gameplay”

  1. I loved Indigo Prophecy (or ‘Farenheit’ over here). If this is half as good, then it’ll be well worth my money. For anyone who hasn’t experienced the first, go out NOW and get it.

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