SWTOR Trailer is Badass, Has Lightsabers

Wow. See, they should have just let Bioware make the Star Wars prequels. If this new ridiculously awesome trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic is any indication, this game is going to be epic beyond belief. I mean, hundreds of jedi and sith squaring off? Seriously, this is just cool. Maybe the best trailer out of E3 so far. Thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “SWTOR Trailer is Badass, Has Lightsabers”

  1. Um…Wow. That was better than all three prequels combined. It had everything I love about Star Wars. Jedi, Sith, awesome lightsaber combat, Lady Fett…

    This may just be enough to restore my faith in my favorite SF franchise. Just keep Lucas away from it, that all I ask.

  2. Very nice…but I have to wonder which way the story is going to go. Are we going to play as sith lords overthrowing the republic, or jedi trying to restore it? Or both?

  3. So much for the threat of peace…. and of course do want and all that.

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