Microsoft Working on 300,000 Person MMO?

xblIt’s no secret that MMO’s are the train that every major developer hopes to ride into money country, following the trend of Blizzard’s oh-so-popular moolah machine, World of Warcraft. While we know that Microsoft previously worked on a Halo MMO that was ultimately canned, some have speculated that they still had something else they were constructing in the shadows.

Well, a recent post on DevelopMag shows that Microsoft is not only looking to get into the MMO genre, but to jump into it with flying colors. Apparently, Microsoft is working on having a game that can support 300,000 simultaneous players at once over XBox Live. To give you an idea of how nuts that is, EVE Online supports 300k players total. The most ever online at once was 50,000. Kind of crazy.

It definitely makes you wonder what kind of property this MMO is, considering that MS expects to have so many players on at once. A different, resurrected Halo MMO perhaps? It’s the only thing I can think of that would possibly be a big enough IP to attract an audience that large. Thoughts?

Source- DevelopMag

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8 thoughts on “Microsoft Working on 300,000 Person MMO?”

  1. That’s great that it’ll be able to support 300,000 people and all – they won’t have first-day server crashes, at least. Still, how many people will actually use an Xbox to play an MMO? Unless it’s a GOW or Halo MMO, it probably won’t even hit 300,000 total players. Communication would be simplistic at best, and there certainly wouldn’t be any level of complexity to the combat. I just don’t think this is a good idea. Even if there’s no extra charge above and beyond XBL, I can’t say that they type of people who play MMOs will abandon their PCs for it.

  2. The IP for this needs to be so amazingly awesome, for me to go and buy this mmo and also pay for being able to play it and also for xbox live.

    Also any word on a steam community group, I have one made where its just me and its called bolshevik sushi if we would like to make it an unofficial group for gamersushi.

    Ps. the bolshevik sushi name is from The Comrades from the leet world. when i saw their vodka commercial i used its picture and other stuff.

  3. I’d agree with that they could be attempting to take a crack at a Halo MMO again. That is probably the only Microsoft game that will attract enough people to reach 300,000 people, but if you ask me, that’s asking for a lot. I wouldn’t doubt that they could pull that off, but honestly, what will people do when they’re playing with 299,999 other people? I mean, you can make some friends and what not, but playing with 300,000 people on a game would be like just being in a gigantic city.
    I’d have to give them congrats on trying to, but I wouldn’t mind hearing more about this

  4. Playing a mmoRPG (if it is a rpg) would be extremely difficult with only 10 ish buttons…. So unless they make something like a fps with quests or something….

  5. I can bearly stand 16 players screaming at each other in a normal fps. But 300 000? I can understand that they wouldn’t all be in one area, but still…. MMO’s should be left on the PC, where every good game belongs.

  6. if i had to imagine what it will be like id say phantasy star universe which didn’t turn out so great due to lack of updates so hopefully if MS does do this they wont just waist our time like sega did, another possible downside is players may have to buy an xbox keyboard due to the controller’s lack of buttons. i also assume that this mmo would be more then just a fps otherwise there is no need for 300k players and that would be simply insane to have hundreds of thousands of ppl shooting at once and would probably get old fast due to constant respawns. this mmo thing may just a sign that MS has some worries about Onlive

  7. [quote comment=”6907″]I can bearly stand 16 players screaming at each other in a normal fps. But 300 000? I can understand that they wouldn’t all be in one area, but still…. MMO’s should be left on the PC, where every good game belongs.[/quote] Thats a great idea. Rally together 300,000 people by promsing free beta passes to the new halo then have someone say “ps3 is better” over the mic to get everyone screaming. for the lulz and all that.

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