GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?

On the eve of E3, it’s time for gamers young and old to dream up a world of possibilities for our next year of gaming. With that in mind, I figured it was a great chance for a new Would You Rather.

In Would You Rather, I simply ask a series of questions, and you follow up with your answers. Give as much or as little explanation as you want for your choices, but we all know that we like to see the reasoning behind the madness.

Don’t let your answers suck, though. You’ll be tarred, feathered and quite possibly beaten like you stole something.


Would you rather…

1. Work hard to unlock a special item/weapon, or have it drop randomly?

2. Spend $100 on a huge, incredible multi-disc game, or $20 on an addictive small downloadable game?

3. Play a multiplayer game with an un-skilled teammate, or an annoying teammate thatโ€™s good?

4. Have a more robust co-operative mode in your favorite game, or more variations of competitive multiplayer?

5. Play an on-rails shooter or extremely linear RPG?

6. Play with a group friends that wanted to be the best at a game, or friends that just wanted to goof around and have fun with it?

7. Fight hundreds of easy-to-kill enemies in a game, or one really difficult enemy?

Answer away!

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19 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?”

  1. Alright, I’ll get the ball rolling…

    1. This one’s hard. TF2 recently implemented a system that changed from working to unlock a weapon to having them drop at random. I’d have to say that I’d rather work for it, so that I could at least have an idea of my progress and when I’m going to get it, even if it takes a long time. Granted, other people can exploit this (as was the case with TF2), but otherwise, I might not even get the dang thing.

    2. I think I’d spend $100 on a huge incredible game. Nothing compares to those gaming classics that really effect you, and I wouldn’t mind paying $100 for a game that will really last. It’s hard to have that guarantee, though.

    3. I’d rather play with an un-skilled teammate. Nothing irritates me more online than general douches, and having one on my team is no different than having one on another team.

    4. You know me, I’m all about co-op, so the bigger and more robust the co-op play is, the better. I can only play slayer so much, and it’s really starting to get old.

    5. An extremely linear RPG. I don’t like not being in control in on-rails shooters (like in arcade games), and even though I’d have no room to explore in the linear RPG, I’d hopefully get to enjoy an intriguing story and some cool battles.

    6. Just for fun! I’ve tried playing with a group that wanted to be the best at a few games, and it was never all that fun. Getting barked at during Halo sucks, I’d rather just kill some fools and be done with it.

    7. This one’s tough. To me, some of my favorite bits are boss fights, especially ones that really demanded the most of my abilities. However, there’s something to taking on endless waves of enemies. In the end though, boss fights are the more memorable, so I’ll choose that.

  2. 1. I can’t quite put my finger on what inspired this question, but here goes. I’d rather work for it. Sure, people will always get around the system by achievement farming in this case, and I’m guilty of doing so from time to time as well, but in most cases, I like to work towards something. There’s a great feeling of accomplishment of finally getting it. At the same time, though, it’s really fun to just find a weapon. Even if you already have it, it’s like getting a present, or mail. It’s just fun. Still, I’ll still throw my lot in with earning it.

    2. $20 for the small game, no contest. If a game is going to keep me entertained for 50 hours, I don’t care if it’s an epic saga or an addicting applet. I’ll take my $80 and spend it elsewhere. Plus, most small, addictive games are independently developed, and I like supporting the little guys.

    3. Unskilled teammate. This happens a LOT in L4D, but inexperienced players usually improve a lot more quickly, and it’s fun seeing the improvement, and eventually start winning rounds. Plus, if everybody ragequitted when their team sucked, the unskilled players wouldn’t get better at all. And hey, there’s nothing worse than playing with somebody who’s just a complete tool.

    4. This is really tough – I don’t usually play multiplayer in games that aren’t expressly multiplayer games. Halo, CoD, and a couple other FPS’s are exceptions, of course. Still, if I had a choice I would take more robust co-op options.

    5. This is also a difficult question for me, because I rarely play through linear games more than once. The games that really grab me are open world, so I don’t pick up many games that are strictly linear. Still, at least in a linear RPG you can control your character’s movement. I’d go with the far away land that needs saving on this one.

    6. I like playing for fun. Competition is nice, but when I’m with friends, it’s more fun to just mess around. There’s no pressure, and it’s just a more enjoyable experience overall.

    7. Hundreds of easy-to-kill enemies. Rather than spending a huge amount of time taking down an enormous boss, I’d just rather wade through masses of sword-fodder, a la Diablo. I’m probably alone on this one, but the problem with boss fights is that they’re so hit or miss. There are some epic fights, and some that just feel like mind-numbing tedium.

  3. 1. Well, I’d have to say work to keep/permanently equip the weapon, but have it available to be dropped and used for a short time. The best example is Terrorist hunt on RS:V2.

    2. $100 Multi-disk. I would have to say that I’ve owned atleast 10 multi-disk games, and they are always the fun ones, because they have alot of quality to them. Like Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2. Good old classic, and still is fun.

    3. Unskilled. I’ve had better experience with noobies than annoying people.

    4. Co-op all the way. It’s the one thing that keeps alot of my games alive still, like CoD:5.

    5. Hm. That be a toughie. On-rails tend to be too rececive after awhile, yet a linear RPG would probably be collecting dust on my shelf. I’d have to say on-rails, only because I just played one today in a near by arcade, and it was awesome!

    6. Fun. I hate it when my friends try to just be awesome at a game. I would much rather have fun with it, than just prove I have awesome skills.

    7. Well, this ones pretty tough too. Many enemies can give you a rush of excitement, even if they are easy, but get boring after awhile. Boss battles =FTW, but it can’t be too dificult. I’d have to say one really diffucult enemy, because the best example is Ganondorf on Zelda:OoT.

  4. Might aswell play for once, lol.

    1. Unlockables are fun and make you want to play more so you can beet the fools with the weaker weapon!!! ahaha!

    2. The second option, we need more of these as 100$ is a BIG amount to pay for a game anyway.

    3. The first option, because practice makes perfect and when hes better he wont be annoying like the other dude as he’d respect ya.

    4. The first option, as co-op is always fun and i think ppl are beginning to get sick of the same old run at em and shoot em kinda multiplayer for FPS games, whereas in co-op, you have a goal you need a teammate to accomplish.

    5. I’m always a fan of RPG’s if they’re done well. I just started to get into FF:Tactics, and its an AWESOME game. just got up to chapter 3 and cant wait to see how the story plays out!

    6. The second option, because thats what games are for: having fun. the more the merrier!

    7. One, really, Difficult enemy, as with games you want a challenge to sometimes take your mind off things.

    Whew! What a post!

  5. 1. Have it drop randomly… Its a game you shouldn’t have to work hard unless its a mmorpg
    2. 20$ Mainly because i don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on games like WoW.
    3.Play a game with a skilled teammate. THAT BOOM HEADSHOT would drown out the annoying team mate.
    5.Linear Rpg, I like playing my own way lol. It’s my way or the highway.
    6. Play with friends that are good and serious…. Much better than people who are playing around in a game ex: CS:Source, they would start stacking on each other see how high they can go…
    7. Like Eddy this is also difficult nothing is like killing and or seeing hundreds of monsters on your screen. But also I would also like to fight a very BIG BOSS.

  6. 1. No! i want to earn it. Btu I know you’re talking about TF2, and I hate the new thing.

    2. $100. more content.

    3. Unskilled. Cocky players are annoying.

    4. Either. I love both.

    5. If it’s not a custom game, then I prefer seriousness.

    6. 1, as more feels accomplished.

  7. 1: I prefer to work hard. I dont hate nothing more, than see some really annoying 11 year old smashing his adversaries, and being a total dick about it, all because he randomly found some good item.

    2: that is kinda tough.
    100$ for a game? We already saw that Valve is ready to drop prices for their games over steam.
    So i guess ill take the second one. 20$ for a downloadable game (over Steam)

    3: Unskilled. The whole idea behind games, is having fun. Not being the best.

    4: I think i will go with Co-op.
    If its L4D style, im all in.

    5: On rails shooter.
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, showed us that a totally linear campaign, can be executed movie style. Same with Crysis, Half-Life 2 and so on.

    6: Goof around.

    7: hundreds of enemies!
    Totally. Though i like my realism, there is nothing funnier than standing in a defendable spot, machinegun defiantly roaring into the incoming tidal wave of enemies.

  8. 1. Since this is in light of the TF2 updates, I would say that its better to earn them….but in the case of TF2, I honestly dont want to keep trying to earn all those things. I kinda dont care, the game is too much fun. But on the whole. Earn em. Much more fun.

    2. The one I will play more.

    3. Unskilled if they at least are fun to talk to. Id hate to play with one of those super good 14 year old Halo 3 players who whines every time someone takes 5 shots to kill or you take the sniper or shit.

    4. Competitive. Co-op is ok.

    5. Choo choo! Rails.

    6. Depends on the game. Seriously. I love f’ing around on Halo 3 XD

    7. Swarm would be fun. Sometimes though those hard to kill ones are fun. I never really have had that one hard to beat boss. But to be honest, the harder is more fun.

    This was a really good one ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. 1- Id much rather work for it, I remember playing WoW and praying for certain crap to drop that never did.

    2- Spend $100 dollars. Price is important but if I getting quality stuff for my money Im willing to save up.

    3- Unskilled, the only thing worse then an annoying teammate is an annoying teammate thats good… they dont let you forget it

    4- Co-op, theres nothing like working together instead of trying to kill each other. Most variations of multiplayer usually arent played anyway. Everyone will pick the deathmatch and be done with it.

    5- Im not a fan on On Rails shooters unless I have a lightgun or something. I guess the RPG but its close.

    6- Goof around, if Im in the game it usually just turns into that anyway. I cant take it when people take it so seriously, last night on Killzone the other team was shutting us out. I walk up behind them and hear “BEHIND US! What the hell Tyler!” They flip out on their teamate when I only got one kill and was getting spanked.

    7- I love big huge battles, boss fights are fun… but running into a swarm of enemies and killing dozens with the hit of a button is awesome.

  10. 1) I’d rather work for the item. It gives you a real sense of accomplishment when you get it. Like the Master Sword in OoT.

    2) $100. No comparison. If I could get a 30+ hour game, I’d pay the money because I’m getting my money’s worth.

    3) Unskilled, because online matches are not important enough to take seriously. Winning at life > Winning at videogames.

    4) Co-op, but something more like Splinter Cell: Double Agent where co-op was a whole new game almost, and you could play single player, too.

    5) Some arcade games are fun, but I’d rather play them in an arcade. I guess I’d rather have the linear RPG.

    6) Defiantly goof around. There’s nothing more fun than getting some friends on XBL and playing the game the way it was not meant to be played. Also, that’s how people come up with their own game types.

    7) This is a hard one, because boss battles are really awesome, but so is running into swarms of enemies. I guess it depends on my mood. Hoping to get a little of each in Prototype.

  11. 1. Work really hard to get the item. I feel accomplished when I finally get it, and then I can have potential bragging rights!

    2. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle cars is a reason to buy a PS3 alone. I love that game- bought it for $15. But multi-disc games are usually really sweet. i.e. Tales of Symphonia for GC

    3. depends on if I’m playing a clan war or not. Usually I like showing others the ropes if they need help.

    4. Co-op all the way. local co-op especially.

    5. Probably the RPG, sometimes they can be really cool even if they’re extremely linear

    6. I would say really good, because when you get a group of friends in one room playing a really intense clan war, there’s nothing better.

    7. Hmmm…depends on the game honestly. Think of Shadow of the Colossus…it wouldn’t be what it is if it had little enemies…but then games like Diablo and Baldur’s Gate wouldn’t be what they are if they didn’t have the little guys…I can’t say…if the boss battle is epic enough then I’d go with that.

  12. 1. Random Drop. One of my favourite part of RPGs are looting for godly items. Where’s the point of the secret cow level in diablo 2 other then the drops (Maybe the experience…)

    2. Multidisks almost always provides the better gaming experience. It’s hard to find good story and a long satisfying campagian in 20$ games. Maybe replay value.

    3.Having some pro 7 yearold counter strike player on your team who doesn’t shut up is really annoying. It hinders your ability to play the game.

    4. co-op makes things fun.

    5.Both are usally unsatisfying, but rpg is probably better.

    6.Friends who are serious and play the game properly are always better then friends who go around teamkilling and just ruin the game.

    7.It’s more 1 extremly hard enemy. After killing that boss, you get a proud sense of achivement. It’s good to have a mix of both. Alot of weak guys, and a strong boss at the end

  13. 1. Randomly, same for achievements. It’s like having several surprise birthday gifts in a week XD

    2.Probably a cheap one. Look, Valve is giving out extremely cheap games that are still awesome. If you put a high price on a game they don’t know how good it is to the gamers, and if that game is bad, It’s just a waist of dollar signs.

    3.Probably unskilled. I like showing new dudes unforeseen “Watch this!” moves like glitches and stuff. Noobs are actually fun to play with.

    4.CO-OP CO-OP CO-OP!!!!!

    5.Shooter. I really can’t a kick from RPGs some how… I might have to see a doc…

    6.Goof around! It’s so fun that way lol Have you ever seen the “G-man squad” from Xanatos? Our group does stuff like that sometimes XD

    7.Many easy to killz. I <3 Zombies

  14. 1.Work hard, i was really pissed off about the new item drop in TF2, that was a load of crap, no wonder they put the milestone system back in.

    2. Big game, hands down. I’m all about the huge epic story line that ill come back to time and time again.

    3. Unskilled teammate, i can still have fun then, not having to say, STFU BITCH!

    4. co-op hands down. thats all there is to it.

    5. Shooters FTW!

    6. Goof around and have fun with it.

    7.Easy ones. Headcrabs ftw

  15. 1) i belive that work for it is the ovbious option, becouse i will last like 2 months untill somebody drops that item, like for example, when i play runescape i dont wait for somebody to drop rune stuff, i just get the money for it.

    2) of course i would pay $100 or maybe $500 for an amazing game, but depends of which game we talk about: if it’s a special new gmod or a full pack of half life 2 that includes the game, the expansions, cs source, tf2, portal and gmod 10, of course. if we talk about age of empires 3 or empire earth 2, i prefer to download them for 20 bucks and spend the other 80 in other things……

    3) i prefer to play with the annoying and good guy. i think that’s more fun to ignore him than playing with a noob that instead of going to kill people stays camping somewhere.

    4) i think that having a robust co-op mode is better, becouse i focus in only 1 target instead of focusing in many, so i’m good in that only thing, instead of being the noob of many.

    5) i think that the RPG is better, becouse you raise levels, you get cool stuff and many of ma friends play that kind of game. even my maths teacher plays the spanish version of tribal wars (guerras tribales)

    6) i like to play with people that want to have fun, becouse nobody wants douches that think they are the best.

    7) as obvious, to fight the unkillable, becouse in arcade games (at least) is better to fight a boss that gives tou 1000000000 points if you kill him, than killing 1000 enemies that give you 100 pts per kill.

    for a last comment, i wrote this while my dog is bitting my hand…..

  16. 1. I rather liked the option of having both systems, because if i like a certain unlock i would work for it, but the others that i didn’t like would just get randomly.

    2. definitely the expensive multi-disk game. Bigger is so much better.

    3. definitely the annoying good teammate cause i can just mute him, or have a arguement over whether the pyro is a noob class.

    4. why oh whay are they mutually exclusive. i would rather have the multiplayer though

    5. on rails shooter cause linear rpg’s are too annoying after morrowind. (it was those stylish colovian fur helms)

    6. friends the goof around

    7. Both at the same time, fte (for the epicness)

  17. WOOT! Another WYR!

    1. I’d rather work hard for a special item than have it randomly spawn. It’s just way more satisfying to put in a lot of effort and be rewarded, and always have a goal that you know you can achieve without chance. If you have a random drop, it’s just so anticlimactic if you kill some asshole and get the item. It’s like, “Oh, I-I got it. Um, okay. Cool.”

    2. Hm, this is actually a tough one. See, I’m all for experiencing the greatest game in the world, and if it’s so awesome I think $100 wouldn’t be too bad. And since it’s 4 discs, the story or whatever must be good, and the gameplay would be amazing too. But only $20 for a fun and addictive DL game is a non-guilty and simple way to have fun. Another factor is time – I’ll need more time to enjoy the $100 game than the $20 game.
    Since I’m a kid and in school, I have time and energy and money to play longer games, so I’ll have to go with the $100 game. Of course once I get to college, I’d probably go with the $20 game simply because I can only afford so much time and money.

    3. I’d rather have the unskilled teammate because then I won’t have some 12-year-old UB3R 1337 H4X0R getting all my kills. With his mic on.

    4. So basically L4D vs maybe Halo 3 or something (I don’t know which FPS title has the most gametypes, although Halo 3 has easy-to-create-and-access gametypes). I think I’d go with the Co-Op game, since I prefer awesome Co-Op over Multiplayer. It’s just more fun to fight with friends against an AI that is not going to whore noob weapons as much as 12-year-olds will.

    5. What about a non-linear FPS RPG? lol I honestly can’t decide. CoD vs FF7 or something (I don’t know which RPG is the linear…est). The reason this is so difficult is because I am equally a fan of FPS’s as I am a fan of RPG’s, and linear…ness in either genre isn’t much of a problem to me. With FPS’s, you’ll know where to go and you can experience what the developers wanted you to experience (i.e.: explosions here at this certain time), while with RPG’s, a linear RPG is an easy way to tell a story easily and fluidly, so both genres have equal amount of boredom and excitement. Sorry, but I have to go with NEUTRAL.

    6. Well, I do like sitting down, getting serious with friends, and beating a game and achieving awesomeness, but I also like having fun and seeing what craziness and inside jokes we can create from a night of gaming. I have to with the whole “goofing off with friends” because at the end of the day, it’s hilarious. If I want to get serious, I’ll ask someone other than my friends.

    7. So basically Survival mode vs Epic Boss mode. I’d go with the Epic Boss mode because it’s more epic and awesome and satisfying to finally kill a more than worthy adversary and achieve victory than simply fight off a huge horde, or die trying to set a record against an endless horde.

    Great questions! I look forward to the next WYR!

  18. 1. It depends if by work you mean “Kill 1049132041024 of these really boring and easy enemies” or “Kill these 2 dudes who once got into a fight with a T-Rex and won” But working is ALWAYS more satisfying then just getting it, to me.

    2. Spend $100. I would rather have the awesomely epic game which I will love forever then the stupidly addictive one that I actually really hate.

    3. Unskilled. I really hate people who are boastful of their skill/s.

    4. Robust! I hate it when you get 10 different co-op modes all with a slightly different variation to them.

    5. On-Rails. A Linear RPG is never fun for me but an on-rails shooter is still blowing shit up which is always good.

    6. Somehwere midway…I don’t want them to completely mess around so that we can’t get past the first stage but I don’t want them to be so serious that I can’t even have fun.

    7. Either. Flip a coin. A boss fight can be really satisfying when you finally see him/her die but fighting off hundreds of mindless zombies/monsters/storm troopers is oh so fun.

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