GamerSushi Asks: What Would You Do If You Ran Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft?

consolewarWith E3 just around the corner, everyone seems to have an opinion about what’s going to happen or what should happen. So I got to thinking: what would I do if I were running any of the Big 3?

Honestly, for Nintendo, I would keep doing what they are doing, but also I would try to get more of the classic Nintendo franchises out there to lure the hardcore gamers. Wii sales are finally tapering off, so if you can lure in those older gamers with a solid library then I think they will really show their dominance. Also, more Virtual Console games. One game a week ain’t cutting it.

For Microsoft, I would give up any hope of competing with Nintendo using motion controllers and stick to what works: hardcore gamers and buying exclusives for the 360. Microsoft doesn’t have nearly the number of Triple A exclusives for this year that Sony does so if they can hold their lead they will likely reload for next year. Look for a new Gears game to be announced at next years E3. I would also dump Rare. Their time in the sun is gone and I think they will only cost Microsoft money now.

Sony, despite the constant negative press, is not as far behind as you might think. They are only 6.5 million consoles behind Microsoft and since they started a year later, that isn’t too big a lead. 2008 was not Sony’s year for exclusives, but 2009 is. Killzone 2 and Infamous have already landed and more are on the horizon, including Heavy Rain and what the hell Kojima has planned. I have heard rumors of a MEGATON announcement that Sony has planned at E3, but I have no idea what it is, if anything. Sony needs to keep adding to the PSN and getting franchises that people associate with Sony, like God of War, Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy. If it means shelling out the big bucks, then I would do it.

What would you guys do to crush the competition?

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  1. For Nintendo, like you said, money wise, do what they are doing. I would try and come out with more…competitive games. games that arnt for the “casual gamer”. Ones that more hardcore players could enjoy.

    Microsoft: Agreed, dont try and be like Nintendo. Keep dominating with online play. I would look into branching out again, trying to bring in new types of games, new concepts.

    Sony: Work on that PSP2. That thing could be brilliantly epic. I would also look into doing what they do best, making their system smaller XD Realyl though, they need some major titles to hit, but I think they are workin on that

  2. If I owned Microsoft the first thing I would do would plan and execute a hostile take over of Sony and Nintendo. Then I would find Peter Molyneux, Hideo Kojima, Shigeru Miyamoto, Jade Raymond , Tom Clancy, Cliff Bleszinski,John Carmack, Tom Hall,Casey Hudson, Drew Karpyshyn, and James Cameron throw them all into the same room and tell them to make a game. If any of them give me any lip I show them Uwe Boll’s corpse with a BloodRayne poster stuffed down his neck. Then I set to work on the system it will come with 120GB of memory space with ports so additional memory could be added, and a optional blue ray/High def DVD player sold separately. Then the console would have to past three test the drooped from a high high, played for a week straight and can I use it to kill a zombie test. Their would be two controller types a Wii like controller with motion sense but you could fold the controller 90 degrees and add a trigger attachment for FPS/rail shooter games and the second part wold have a joystick and the option to use motion sensing as well. Also all games would come with a turn off motion sensitive option so you could use the xbox 360 PS3 controller hybrid but no six axis. And finally the system would be 100% backwards compatible any game could be played on it and for a flat one time $2.00 download you could get all that games add on content and a graphics upgrade. and online play would be free and any additional DLC would be $1.00.

  3. Excellent question Anthony. Here goes:

    If I was head of Nintendo, I’d make more games for the Star Fox, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and all the other series that Nintendo hasn’t milked dry. Maybe I’d add a new Zelda game. Basically, I’d try to bring back to old Nintendo flavor that we all loved but lost by the middle of the GameCube’s lifetime. As for new innovations for the Wii, I’d spend time thinking of ways to optimize the sensitivity of the WiiMote and all that stuff. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 had a great idea of being able to customize the WiiMote’s range on the TV in terms of when it will scroll the screen. Also, I might make a new design of the WiiMote that fits better, and keeps the buttons comfortably close and easy to access (unlike the 1 and 2 buttons on the current model). Also, I’d streamline online play. What I hope is that the Wii can satisfy hardcore players as well as offer a lot of innovation. Maybe the next Nintendo console will have current-gen graphics. Hopefully.

    For the Microsofts, I’d have people make more exclusives, like you said. That’s about it.

    For Sony, I’d do a similar thing as for Nintendo. I’d make some new, GOOD installments of old awesome franchises that might not be as prominent as Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid, as well as start new series. $300 or $350 would be a good price range for the PS3.

    Can’t wait for the announcements at E3. I’m looking forward to new info on…ahem…that one g–OMGASM!

  4. Realistically? I wouldn’t change a thing. Nintendo’s doing great, appealing to the casual gamers – their new niche – and making billions. Sony is slowly getting new IPs and exclusives, and when enough of them come out, combined with their new bundles, will be enough to convince people to buy the PS3 and boost sales tremendously. And Microsoft, well, they aren’t called M$ by their detractors for nothing. Sure charging for online play and excessive (really, really excessive) DLC is netting them huge amounts of money. And, better still, the gaming community is gobbling it all up, sending them the message that it’s OK to charge an extra $20-$40 for content that should have come with the game.

  5. if i was incharge of one of the big 3 i would do w/e it takes to get game companies to make exclusive titles for my console/s and make sure that they are not available for the soon to be Onlive multiconsole, if Onlive turns out to be the steam store but for all consoles i can’t imagine some1 whos dumb enough to spend $200-$500 on a console and THEN buy games for it when Onlive will have those games plus the games of other systems for the same price of any of the big 3 consoles or cheaper

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