Ubisoft Games to Have Release Day DLC

ac2I’ve griped about it plenty before, but I’m really not liking the places that downloadable content is headed. Sometimes it’s done well and is worth the money, like the Halo 3 maps or the Fallout 3 extra campaigns. But other times, it’s done quite poorly, such as the Prince of Persia “DLC” that is really the true ending of the game.

Well, the same people that brought you that last one (Ubisoft) are bringing three more DLC packages, this time for their upcoming games Avatar, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Assassin’s Creed 2. The problem? They’re releasing the DLC on the day each of these games comes out.

Remember the days when you could unlock extra costumes and gameplay modes for free? Well, those are going the way of the dodo now, it seems.

Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see what kind of DLC we’re talking about here, but it seems to me that if you have DLC ready the day of launch, that it should have just been included in the game to begin with. I’m fine with DLC that comes out a bit after the game is released, but this just comes off as nickel and dime-ing your customers that just paid $60 bucks for your game.

Like I said, hopefully this is just something stupid that doesn’t affect the games or their stories, but if the DLC is paying to unlock the real endings or anything of these games, count me out.

So what do you guys think- fair or foul?

Source- Kotaku

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11 thoughts on “Ubisoft Games to Have Release Day DLC”

  1. Foul.

    If it’s done, put it on the game disc. Don’t suck more money from us when we’re already paying 60 dollars a game.

  2. Release day DLC has inherent flaws. Like the, “why isn’t it in the game” flaw, or the “could you stop raping my wallet” flaw. 6 of one, really; it’s foul either way.

  3. There’s a fine line between operating a business and milking your customers for every penny their worth, and Ubisoft is trying so hard to cross that barrier.

    If it’s extra missions or significant parts of the game’s narrative, big time foul.

  4. Do companies really try to think of ways to make their fanbase decrease or what? I HATE how DLC, in itself awesome, is being used lately by these companies..

  5. Lame but no ones forcing you to buy the DLC and some times the company will give that stuff away for free like the cold storage map for Halo 3 or the flashback map pack for Gears 2.

  6. seems to me that some people have been hit by a stupid stick.

    why can’t they just release it as part of the game since its already made?

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