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t4Hope you dudes all had a great Memorial Day weekend, for those of you that got to have some free time, anyway. Me, I played tons of video games including Sacred 2, Halo Wars and Team Fortress 2 (apparently I dominate as a Pyro). I also saw Terminator: Salvation, and yes, it was as disappointing as everyone says.

I was totally with the movie until a certain point about half way in, and then everything just takes a huge nose-dive plot wise. Seriously, I’ve never seen a movie tank so hard, so fast, but this one did. I don’t often give in to the idea of “deal breakers” in a movie, but this one definitely had a couple of deal breakers that got in the way of my enjoyment.

It got me thinking about deal breakers in terms of video games, actually. Something that is so inexcusable that you instantly stop enjoying the game that you are playing. I think for me deal breakers are multiplayer games that are unbalanced or full of exploits (hello Gears of War 2), or single player campaigns that pull you out of the fun and make you do boring puzzles again and again.

What about you guys? Do you have any gaming deal breakers?

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  1. I think that The Return Of Matt Hazard was that way for me. I tried my absolute best to enjoy that game..but near the end of my first run it just got so dull it was ridiculous. AND when I went back to play through it on the hardest difficulty it was just boring and agitating because of it’s difficulty 😛

  2. Super Paper Mario, died on the last boss of the Pit of 100 Trials. Spent all day getting there and since you can’t save down there without exiting and starting over again I gave up on the game because I lost like 10 level-ups and lots of good catchcards.

  3. Yes, I’ve had quite a few deal breakers in my time. A ton of RPG’s have made me stop playing because of an impossible boss, and I’ve thrown down my controller in fury and vowed never to play again because of several multiplayer games that found a way to piss me off.
    Usually, I’ll go back to the game months later in a mist of nostalgia, but often a foghorn of suck will usually dispel my daze.

    Oh, and yeah, Terminator Salvation was pretty bad. It wasn’t horrible, but Star Trek did a much better job in reviving a dead series.

  4. Any game with less than 7 or so hours of single-player gameplay is unacceptable to me.

    But to comment on Cossack 69, Star Trek was restarted BRILLIANTLY, the whole alternate universe thing is a great way to leave the plots wide, wide open.

  5. the propect of raiding in wow with morons who are soo obsesed they wont let fresh meat in becuase they fear a failure

    glad you liked team fortress 2 cos every1 else playing prior to the weekend doesnt now with the stupid weapon drops grr damn you valve you killed captian milestone

  6. The second halves of Halo and Halo 2 both kinda ruined the games for me. Also the 4th chapter of World of Goo (Information Super Highway), the changes in gameplay felt unfair and not fun.

  7. CoD:WaW- MP40= Autosniper.

    Halo 3- The fact that in Halo 3’s ranked matchmaking you can RANK DOWN, coupled with True skill being broken and stupid beyond any kind of shadow of a doubt just killed matchmaking for me. Too much pressure. :\.

    I just got to Lieutenant and stuck to custom games.

  8. The Arbiter levels in Halo 2 almost made me want to stop…rooms were literally copy-pasted and some levels just felt entirely too long, like Quarantine Zone.

    @floorspider: In case you haven’t heard, the system is bugged. Be patient.

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