Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil Coming to PSN

mgsOk, considering that I’ve been wanting to play these games for the last few months, this news is just awesome. For you PS3 and PSP owners, a recent ESRB ratings search shows that Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil are coming to the PSN Store for download! Yes, the original honest-to-goodness PlayStation titles.

I’ve been on a bit of a classic gaming kick recently and since I learned the other month that I misplaced my MGS disc, this is definitely a welcome surprise. The original Metal Gear Solid is still to this day one of my top five favorite games of all time, and playing it on my PSP while I travel over the summer is definitely going to be a bonus.

Is anybody else excited about this? Have you ever lost or misplaced an old game that you really wanted to play again?

Source- ESRB

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6 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil Coming to PSN”

  1. The site is updating as I post this so hopefully you guys recieve it.

    I don’t play any consoles anymore, but I’ve just got to say, Anyone who has access to this: Do yourself a favour and snag MGS. The first game (like Eddy said) is EASILY in my top 5. It was worth every penny Both times I bought it for Playstation years and years ago.

    One game that may not be “old” but I have misplaced is Mafia. I’ve been wanting to play through it again (because of the Mafia 2 trailers that YOU GUYS SHOULD COVER!).

  2. i guess FFX-2 is the only game ive lost. And ya… I want to play it again because I never finished it! It bothered me a little, but its been lost for over a year now… I might get MGS, but maybe I should get the pack with the first 3 games so I can get the whole story and understand MGS4 more…

  3. I loved Mario 64 DS. I’m not sure what happened to it though. do the resident evil and MGS games have updated graphics or are these exactly the same?

  4. I’ve nevr lost a game. That’d be silly. Can anyone confirm for me if they will grace the crappy european store? Although I have a feeling I already kn ow the answer.

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