InFamous Looks Shockingly Fun

Get it? I have puns. Anyway, InFamous, the PS3 exclusive open-world superhero game, has managed to fly under my radar the past few months. However, recent reviews are starting to pour in that claim this title is the real deal, and perhaps one of the reasons you should own a PS3 this year.

I didn’t really believe it until I started checking out the videos myself. It looks like the best parts of Crackdown, GTA and Spider-Man 2, with the latter game being made by the same developer. Check out the video!

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10 thoughts on “InFamous Looks Shockingly Fun”

  1. [quote comment=”6729″]Looks good… But ps3 exlusive? Where’s the PC on this badboy!


    agreed. I rally wanted to play this game but I don’t own a ps3, so I wont be playing it:(

  2. Cant wait for this game. Demo should be released today, and ill download it soon as i can 😉

  3. Of all the games in the world not to come out on the PC. If they threw in a more likable protagonist, I’d buy a PS3 just for this game.

  4. KInda makes me think of DBZ or something along those lines. The ability to create and throw energy. 😀

    That does look strangely fun

  5. [quote comment=”6744″]YES! Finally an awesome PS3 exclusive that isn’t getting hated on like Killzone 2! Yay![/quote]

    fixed. but I will be renting this game on gamefly and buying if I like it

  6. Heh, to the PC gamers disappointed at this not apearing on PC: Now you know how we feel when it comes to Valve games. Payback! Well, until Ep3 : (

  7. From the demo I can say that it’s actualy quite fun. Think Assassian’s Creed with lightening bolts.

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