Last Year’s E3 Promises

e31We all know what E3 means. It’s the time of year when we get sandwiched by video game news galore, and announcements from every corner of the gaming kingdom. Not only do we hear from the developers we enjoy, but also from the big 3 of the console wars: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Each year, they regale us with tales of things to come. So how truthful are they?

A writer over at Kotaku took the time to analyze last year’s E3 promises from each of the major console makers, in order to see who told more fibs and who did the biggest exaggerations. Surprisingly enough, it seems that all of them did a pretty good job at predicting the things to come. See for yourself:

  • Microsoft E3 2008 promises
  • Sony E3 2008 promises
  • Nintendo E3 2008 promises
  • So, how do you think they all did? And who had the best year? Personally, from the looks of it, it seems that Sony may have edged out the competition in terms of truth-telling, and they’ve even given us several great reasons to pick up their new console since then. Thoughts?

    Source- Kotaku

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    2 thoughts on “Last Year’s E3 Promises”

    1. Modern Warfare 2 will have Zombies!

      If it does, epic omgasm. If it doesn’t, I’m down with Solo, Spec Force Coop, and MP.

    2. In the Sony press release, they said that all but The Agency were released in 2008. This is incorrect, as Ghostbusters the Video Game still hasn’t been released. I have been waiting a while for this game now (but for the 360 instead).

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