Today’s WTF: Nintendo Likes to Tease

nintendo-skirtI know, harping on Nintendo for not making many hardcore games lately is a little old hat, but they just make it so darn easy to pick on them sometimes. Especially when they say ludicrous things. Take these recent comments from an interview with Denise Kaigler, Nintendo’s VP of Corporate Affairs, which insinuate that Nintendo is totally fine with the teasing relationship they’ve created with their disgruntled fanbase.

But absolutely, I will give you that hardcore gamers have an insatiable appetite for everything Nintendo, and we love that! We love that. When we get to a point where core gamers say, “OK, Nintendo, enough! We don’t need any more games from you guys….” None of us wants to be put in that position, right?

Oh, certainly not Nintendo. I know I hate being bombarded with lots of great gaming options to choose from. Hit the jump for the rest of the ridiculousness.

We don’t want your appetite to ever be satisfied, because when we satisfy you, it’s time for us to go [dusts off hands], “OK! Let’s go on home now!” And none of us wants to go home. So there’s this sort of fun…relationship, I think, that’s happening between Nintendo and the hardcore gamer — which we enjoy and hope that the core gamer enjoys it.

Well, I’m glad you like teasing everyone, Nintendo. Most companies just put out games rather than deal with a tug-of-war with their fanbase. Take some cues from Microsoft and Sony, next generation.

Anywho, if you feel like reading the rest of the interview, it’s mostly a kind of lame defense for Nintendo “satisfying” the hardcore audience by putting out 5 decent games in the last 3-4 years. Go Nintendo!


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6 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Nintendo Likes to Tease”

  1. LOL WUT?

    Well, that’s…Hurm. Nintendo is too busy creating shovel ware for their money-machine, so I guess I can’t be too mad that they’re stringing their fan abse along.

    I never thought we’d be in a position where Nintendo has a poorer image among the “hardcore” than Sony and Microsoft.

  2. She didn’t give very convincing arguements but she got away with it as the interviewer didn’t press on the issues.

  3. well, that’s, [dusts off hands] that’s just great, Nintendo. I’m glad you’ve got our interests so close to your hearts.
    …honestly, though, this is not a healthy relationship, Nintendo. I’m sorry, but I think it’s just time for me to see other games. Just remember, it’s not me. It’s you.

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