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warcraft3I think I need an intervention. I have this problem, you see. Sometimes, I get stuck playing a game for months on end, not because it’s ridiculously fun or anything, but because I become obsessed with getting good at it. I don’t know why, but I have this fixation with certain games where I need to become better at them, even after the game isn’t nearly as fun as it once was when I started playing.

I suppose this is an obsession. Right now for me, I’ve been doing this with Halo Wars. It’s a good game, and I still have fun, but I spend more energy on trying to come up with the right build order than really enjoying what’s there. I think this happened for me with Halo 2 as well, and Warcraft 3 before that. Games like Halo 3 and Counter-Strike have never been bogged down like that, but for some reason, those other titles were.

So what about you guys? Has a game’s fun ever been obscured by a want to be better at it? Or have you been obsessed with a game in general?

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  1. I wish I was better at Halo 3. I still play it, but I play for fun. Its just sad when you plateau and you get to a certain level where you cant win. The game is based off head-shot abilities with the battle rifle and Ill be honest, I suck at aiming. The fun is still there though, luckily.

    I keep getting re-obsessed with Oblivion. It went on a back burner again. I got all Obi’d out.

  2. I get sucked in my games quite easily, and when I get on to one, it takes a long time to get off.

    Left 4 Dead is a biggy. I’ve been playing this game since December at least 4 – 5 nights a week – but I’m still loving it, so I’m not crying out to be pulled away from it just yet!

    Surprisingly the other games I get obsessed with tend to be RPGs. Mass Effect, Kotor2, NWN… I played through those at least a half-dozen times each! and I still like going back to them and trying new angles with my characters!

  3. Honestly…no. I get good enough to beat it or do well online and thats it. If I am not enjoying myself, I don’t play. This is a unique condition, Eddy,lol. Good stuff. Broadening my horizons.

  4. I dont buy many games so I find these obsessions great, I played TF2 from like last year this time till I got L4D for X-mas and now I’ve only been playing that and the occasional Gmod.

  5. Can’t say i have ever been obsessed with a game to the point were it becomes unfun but sometimes i will play one game over the others, like sourceforts now. During last summer i had replayed kotor 1 and 2, jade empire, with a Sprinkling of TF2 in the mix.
    So i guess i have never been obsessed with one game

  6. All my xbox 360 games, not having xbox live means I get to spend a large ammount of time getting achievements. Also my old xbox games that work on the 360 ie both Max Paynes, Dead to Rights, Splinter Cell Chaos theory.

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