7 Crazy Gaming Rigs

pcI’ve finally decided to update my PC in just a couple of months, seeing as how it’s been almost 4 years since my last significant hardware upgrade. I’m actually pretty excited about this, as I’ve spent a little more time lately on my PC and have been getting the itch to play certain games that I haven’t had before.

Since I’ve been curious about all of this business again, it was neat to see that Wired had an article titled The Best Gaming Rigs Money Can Buy up today, where they detail a few of the craziest machines in the PC gaming world. While some of them have atrocious cases and can obviously be made for much cheaper given some tweaks, it’s still pretty nuts to see some of these things. I really can’t justify spending up to 10k on a computer.

What do you guys think? When was the last time you PC gamers updated your machines? What is your next upgrade going to be?

Source- Wired

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  1. Maximum PC did a whole thing on the oil submerged PCs. They said its cool, but they dont see it catching on. Neither do I. Its so heavy.

    I updated…shoot over a year ago. Im waiting for one thing. USB3. Thats when Ill build my next rig. Things are going to hit mainstream soon that should be super useful, so its better to wait and see.

    That falcon northwest machine. They made a fragbox PC, its apparently ridiculous, it can play with all the big boys.

    Also I recommend cyberpower. Their a very good company. Their stuff lasts and to be honest, they are one of the cheapest ones out there. DigitalStorm will also make some crazy PCs, automotive painted cases and all

  2. Nice thing about having a somewhat obsessive compulsive dad whose favorite hobby is computers, is that for the most part he needs to have the newest stuff. :p

  3. They all look badass…

    I just got my gaming laptop 2 months ago. It doesn’t have 17 coolers, 4 gpus, and 3 terrabytes of memory. I just needed a good graphics card 😀

    But if your going to get a good gaming pc, I recommend “alien ware”. They are kick ass

  4. Well, if I had 10K dollars to spare, this is likely what I’d spend it on. And don’t pay for overpriced pre-made PCs…just don’t. Make one yourself. My rig from a year and a half ago ran me under $1000, and it can still play most games on max settings. 8800 GTS, 3 gigs of RAM, and 2.67GHz dual core. Really, though, now is the best time to get a new rig – hardware is cheap, and game specs aren’t going up too sharply, especially compared to the 2004-2005 jump, when people realized how great realistic physics and ragdolls are…

  5. I know there’s a pc that has an under water processor for unlimited overclocking. I think if I had the money to pay for it, I’d just get that pc and never worry about one again. Unlimited overclocking? I mean, wow.

  6. I got my first gaming pc for my birthday in December (16!) I’m still kinda a noob to gaming on a pc, but I feel I made a good choice. 4 gigs of RAM, a nvidia 9800 GT, Intel core 2 quad (2.66 GHz) 750 gig hard drive, all for $1800. Much better than the hand-me-down pc I had before, a 6-7 year old pc, integrated graphics card, 256 mb RAM, etc. I’m really happy with what I have now.

  7. I built my pc last thanksgiving, it has a geforce GTX 260, a 650w power supply, 4 gigs of RAM, a 500 gig hard drive, and an intel pentium dual-core (2.50 GHz) all for under $1000. I got lucky, the ram and motherboard were $20 each:D

  8. Right now I’m playing on my laptop, with 2.0ghz and 752RAM. I can still play Cs:S, but im going to buy new computer soon as possible.

  9. I’m not a computer gamer but I do have Oblivion and The Orange Box for the computer my dad got for work (CAD).

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