GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

peggleIt’s been awhile since I’ve checked in with what you guys have been up to, videogame-wise, so I thought I’d take a little poll. Now that the Spring games have come and gone, and we enter that familiar “release drought” that plagues gamers each year, I’m curious what games are currently being tackled by your calloused fingers.

For me, I’ve been playing lots of Halo Wars, Peggle, and even a little Final Fantasy VI on my Nintendo DS. I’m hoping to move towards finally finishing Valkyria Chronicles later this week, as well as some Resistance 2. Right now, I just don’t have as much time as I want, and I end up playing Halo Wars instead of moving onto some other games that I seem to have wasted money on. Also, Peggle is stupid addicting and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t played it. Hopefully, I can get my act together soon.

What about you guys? What are you playing?

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22 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?”

  1. I’m catching up on all the games I missed,

    1. GTA 4 (I know I know)
    2. beyond good and evil(finally!)
    3. mirrors edge

  2. Right now, I’m playing a lot of Mount & Blade, and that’s about it. In a little less than a month, though, I’ll be playing Prototype.

  3. I been looking into a lot of PS2 titles lately, it’s still has some great games compared to some of the crap that’s been coming out lately

    -Tribes: Aerial Assault (PS2)
    -Half Life 2 (PC, I got Orange box for $10 too, best purchase ever)
    -SOCOM Combined Assault (PS2)
    -Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars (PSN)

    @ Gadfly Jim:
    I’ve wanted Mirror’s Edge for some time now, still worth the purchase? The price has gone down quite a lot (which I’m happy with)

  4. I just started playing Team Fortress 2 after Eddy was raving about it, and I’m glad I did, because the game is stupid fun. Also, I am ashamed to admit I’m playing 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, which is actually a pretty decent game. And, of course, Gears and Halo.

  5. Super Paper Mario

    GTA Chinatown Wars

    Soul Caliber IV

    Super Metroid

    Eddy…release drought? Just in the next two months we have:

    Red Faction
    Overlord II

    and other decent titles. It’s about to get nuts!

  6. [quote comment=”6570″]
    Eddy…release drought? Just in the next two months we have:

    Red Faction
    Overlord II

    and other decent titles. It’s about to get nuts![/quote]

    I repeat: release drought.

  7. Dude, all those games look awesome! New IPs! Licensed games! Retreads and sequels to games that didn’t warrant it!

    It is just like the Xmas season!

  8. Good point Anthony, I’m pumped for Prototype/Red Faction.

    Right now I’m finishing up

    Fallout 3
    Crayon Physics Deluxe

    I’ve been getting more and more into Indie games lately. Snipe the “And Yet It Moves” Demo on steam, super unique!

  9. Well in between my GCSEs (exams! Yay!) I’m playing:
    1. EndWar (which I got recently)
    2. RE5
    3. Pokemon Emerald (I know, I’m catching up!)
    4. Shadow of the Colossus (I’m up to the 9th, I think?)
    5. COD4 w/ friends on a friday night. While others go out and socialise, me and my friends pwn noobs. Sorta.

  10. Right now, I’m polishing off Broken Steel, and trying to bludgeon my way through Twilight Princess. I’d be done it by now, but the Zelda formula of “Hey thanks for those magical items, now here’s another set of dungeons with some different magical shit” is really wearing on me.

    I’ve also gotten back into WoW, leveling up my Death Knight. He’s pretty much like Wolverine, dealing a whirlwind of bladed death while healing himself with every attack. Delicious.

    Oh, I’m also super stoked for the Batman game coming out soon. Batman is the only DC comic book character I like.

  11. @ Bacon4thetakin:
    yeah I’m liking it, I am playing it on the PC so I don’t know about the PS3 or 360.

  12. CoD4
    Battlefield Bad Company

    For CoD4 and BFBC, I just recently went back to the games and have rediscovered two big ore deposits of epicwinnium.

  13. I’ve been hitting X-Men Origins: Wolverine really hard this past bit (trying to up my game score since its so easy with this game). Also, a bit of Fallout 3 and Skate 2 when I feel like it.

  14. A good way to play the games you have already all the way is to be absolutely broke :S. Been playing sourceforts and thinking about replaying half life 2 after AP testing is done.

  15. Peggle! Man, that sucker’s addictive. I had to banish it from my PC so I could remember to do important things like eat and sleep. I’m playing:

    Half-Life 2 (finally!)
    Mass Effect (ditto!)
    Mirror’s Edge
    Metal Gear Solid 2

  16. I played Killzone 2 for a couple weeks, but then I got MGS4 and had to put Killzone aside. I just loved MGS4! There were so many epic parts that were just insane! I love that! Like the microwave room part, I was pressing that triangle so frickin fast I just had to keep Snake going. And the part where Snake almost gets run over by a huge-ass ship. Omg! So EPIC!

    So last weekend I spent like 3 hours on one part in the game and got 5.6 million Drebin Points. I’ll have to run through the game again so I can get to the part where I can get the Bandanna and Invisible Cloak thing for super cheap.

  17. Good thing I’ve got time for all the games I’m trying to play right now!

    Garrys Mod
    Far Cry
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    World of Goo
    Halo 2

    I don’t know if it’s good or bad that I also want to get Sam and Max Season 1 and Mirrors Edge over the summer…

  18. Deadly Creatures for Wii.

    Fun fun fun. Don’t know if I’ll get bored of it yet, but we shall see.

  19. Well im playing fallout, just got it a few days ago its fantastic. Just finished mirrors edge. Luckily this month UFC: Undisputed and Bionic commando are coming out to quench my gaming thirst even more. You forgot those on your list Anthony.

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