First Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Video

Well, it seems that another tiny teaser is available for the next entry to the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 2. It shows some snow action, underwater bits, and some good ol’ helicopter flying. It also hints to a debut of some more footage, set for May 24th during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals on TNT. I think I’ll have my DVR handy.

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9 thoughts on “First Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Video”

  1. Hmm didnt see much gameplay other than the snow part. Even then that looked like its not a final thing. I just cant wait, I need a new shooter game. Halo still has its fun factor but I kinda dropped W@W and Im ready for another modern war game.

  2. More modern war! As good as sci-fi is and as over-done as WWII is nothing compares to modern day stuff! Woot!

  3. I guess the natural evolution of modern warfare themed shooters is to include arctic climates in the next iteration? Battlefield: Bad Company is doing this as well. Nothing wrong with this, as I am a big proponent of having levels themes other than desert, town, and desert town.

    I’m still really enjoying W@W, even though the goddamn game reset my stats when I was at level 60. We’ll see if Infinity Ward can make the lightning strike again.

  4. . . .

    OMGASM!!!111111111ONE ALL OVER MY SCREEN!!!!!!11111111111111ELEVEN

    I wish I still had my DVR; I just hope I can watch the stuff on Youtube or something.

    WaW was fun, but I recently went back to CoD4 and I love it much more. I can’t wait for CoD:MW2 (IT’S COD, DAMMIT! :P), and seeing some early gameplay will make me…happy.

    My prediction is that MW2 will beat Halo 3 in sales and the top spot in terms of people playing on 360 once MW2 comes.
    Oh! I also wonder if they’re’ll be a beta! OMGASM!

  5. Ooooh snowmobiles. I believe I will be good at that.

    And I think cossack is right. MW2 might beat Halo3. But halo has ODST coming out too…

  6. AWSOME!! i would love to see some snow levels (im canadian), looks awsome, cant wait.

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