Rumor: Leaked Beyond Good and Evil 2 Footage?

Not many people played Beyond Good and Evil, which is a shame because it was one of my favorite games of last generation. Much to the happiness of fans, a sequel is coming. Well, it seems that some dudes may have stumbled across a leaked video of Beyond Good and Evil 2, and posted it on the Web for our viewing.

While it’s not confirmed that this is Beyond Good and Evil 2, anyone that has seen the first one can recognize the style of the government soldiers, as well as Jade. And let me be the first to say that this video is incredible. I don’t think it’s actual gameplay, but seems to be more of a target render. If they get anywhere within 50 percent of what they show in this video, I’ll be a happy man.

Who played the first Beyond Good and Evil? Who else thinks this is awesome, if it is indeed the sequel?

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8 thoughts on “Rumor: Leaked Beyond Good and Evil 2 Footage?”

  1. I hope to god that that was actual gameplay footage, but it probably is not cause the little bit at the end when she gets into the helicopter thing doesn’t seem like gameplay. but it is awesome

  2. I never played the first one. But perhaps Ill pick this one up.

    Something that interests me in this is that it seems like its very mirrors edge-ish. I know like you said that is probably NOT gameplay footage, and I agree. For a game to be done like that would be unreal.

    It seems to me like they are going to let you run around almost any part of the environment or make your pathways twist through buildings and such. It looks pretty interesting 😀

  3. Yeah, even if its rendered, the parts on the staircase where she presses up against the wall looks like in-game animations, so that definitely look amazing. I haven’t played the first game yet, but I’ve been meaning to for years. This is a whole new incentive… So many games, so little time!

  4. Just found it today too. Jade always reminds me of Alyx Vance. Twin sister?

    Well anyway, it looks great, kind of like a mix of mirrors edge, and Prince of Persia.

  5. It definitely got that mirrors edge feel along with something like assassin’s creed or prince of persia. Has the trademark look of the first game but with something completely different. Can’t wait to see how it develops.

  6. NEver played the first one. This is Mirror’s Edge-Esque. Without the first-person, of course.

  7. I am currently playing the first one, and loving it. I am really exited about this game

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