Red Dead Redemption: Debut Trailer

I never played the original Red Dead Revolver for the PS2, but I heard it was at least decent enough. Created by Rockstar, the dudes that make Grand Theft Auto, this new Red Dead Redemption trailer is all kinds of awesome. I really love the atmosphere, and I’ve always wished for more great Western-themed games. Who else thinks this looks promising? Did anyone play the original?

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11 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption: Debut Trailer”

  1. I have been hoping for a good western game for years, I just hope that a)it comes out for the PC, and b) that it will not be a crappy port.

  2. The original was one my favorites for the original xbox extremely original and entertaining. Too bad the multiplayer was not the best. The story mode was incredible.

  3. Just looked it up, hope its not a ps3 exclusive, but the bad part is that i only own a PC anyways.

  4. [quote comment=”6516″]Just looked it up, hope its not a ps3 exclusive, but the bad part is that i only own a PC anyways.[/quote]

    Us PC guys have to stick together 😛

  5. I LOVED the original… I thought it was really well put together and had a surprisingly fun multiplayer. All enemies in the game could be unlocked and each had its own special weapons and abilities. There was tons of them, I remember when I finally unlocked the Native American, I owned my brother/bots with the bow. Im really excited for Redemption, I hope they dont stray too far away from the original.

  6. “Us PC guys have to stick together”
    I dislike now how many of the big games of the year are all console titles. btw how do you do the quotes and the smiley faces?

  7. Looks like it’ll be an open-world cover-based shooter set in the Wild West. Awesome. This one has me intrigued. Plus, it’s by Rockstar, and them folks know what they doin’.

  8. [quote comment=”6526″] btw how do you do the quotes and the smiley faces?[/quote]

    you click the Quote button next to the date and time, it looks like this

    May 8th, 2009 at 5:09 pm Quote

    for smiley faces just do something like this : and ) without the spaces and it should end up looking like this 🙂

    I also dislike the fact that many big games are coming out for consoles, and the only version we get (if we get one) is a crappy port 🙁 at least we have valve on our side 🙂

  9. Yeah, it’s amazing how people think the PC does so crappy, yet so many people play games on the PC just because. It’s a market that’s hardly being truly tapped by anyone. Maybe 3-5 developers. This game is looking pretty promising.

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