Rumor: XBox 360 Full Body Motion Control?

360motionFor the love of Pete, somebody please just make this stop. After some recent rumors that Sony will be introducing motion control at E3 (didn’t they already try and fail at motion control?), it sounds like Microsoft is going to be joining the party and hoping for free money the likes of which Nintendo has enjoyed this generation. That’s right, the rumor is that Microsoft is developing full body motion control for future 360 games.

Supposedly, this will be superior to dongle-waggling in that it translates full body movement. For instance, in fighting games you kick, dodge, duck, and punch and watch it happen on the screen. It is also rumored to have video conference via a webcam, and will even have the ability for people to grab and manipulate things on their screen, a la Minority Report.

So what do you guys think? Are you sick of the motion control yet? Personally, I just want to push some buttons, but I don’t blame these guys for thinking they can make more money this way.

Source- Engadget

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15 thoughts on “Rumor: XBox 360 Full Body Motion Control?”

  1. Being someone who actually likes the Wii and doesn’t mind a little waggling or full body motion control (this just in: exercise is good for you), I say bring it on.

    …Doesn’t the 360 already have video chat, though?

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty tired of all this motion control crap myself so I’m kind of hoping this isn’t true.

  3. It wont change anything for them. I mean, My wii has motion control and Im thinking of selling it. It doesnt make or break a system. They just want to bandwagon and say “we can do it too”. If anything it may make their games worse. :/

  4. I’m just wondering exactly what Microoft is planning to do here if this is true. Nintendo seems to have a lock on the massively profitable motion-control market,do they think that because now they have full-body motion, people will all collectively chuck their Wiis away and buy 360s?

    If this is true, it’ll be a new Virtual Boy in my opinion.

  5. There aren’t enough ‘N’s, ‘O’s, or ‘!’s to express the massive ‘NO!’ that I exclaimed the first time I saw this. Motion control has always been, and will always be (in the foreseeable future) a gimmick which detracts from games more than it adds to them. There are some exceptions, but these are few and far between. So again, let’s all utter a little ‘NO!’ for the brain dead marketing divisions of the world’s major video game companies.

  6. Pointless. Not many seem to be interested (well one in the form of Sinister Minister). This doesn’t make me want to get a 360 any more than I do now. If anything, I’m put off. How many games are going to require me getting large pointless peripherals, added to a subscription fee… Is it me or are 360s looking less attractive as time goes on?

  7. Nooooo thank you. Leave the waggling to the Wii. Now, if you could turn it into something cool, like a gun that I can aim and reload, the we’ll talk.

  8. I play video games at night and in the morning… Im tired dammit

    Dont make me do it Microsoft, I just want to play a videogame

  9. Meh, new generations, new toys. My dad screams “NO!” to the internet, electronica, and mp3 players.

    Its worth a try, and fighting it is futile!

  10. I can totally see someone trying to sue microsoft for accidently kicking a hole though their tv or something similar. All in all, just seems to be gimmick that no one will actually buy, if it is a seperate product. but if its just icing on the cake i say go for it.

  11. I’m all for moving forward instead of adding a couple of buttons and processor memory.

  12. I believe that they should skip over the motion control. There are already ways to control machines with the mind, albeit still in preliminary testing, of course. But it is possible. Virtual reality gaming is the only true future for gaming after consoles and controls. I do believe that Full Motion Control gaming at its peak to consoles will be as DVD to Blue Ray. (Which is a horrible comparison, if you acknowledge the fact that the DVD format is actually GOOD.)

  13. Oh, and virtual reality will be to consoles as Downloading Media on a wire/wireless network is to Blue Ray.

  14. i like the idea as long as you can still just button mash. not much for the full body thing but the manipulation of things a la minority report would be so cool. plus when you just wanna have fun ant just sit there its good. plus xbox has better games. so as long as its not just more motion control for games i could see it working.

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