Fallout 3: Broken Steel Debut Trailer

Man, you’ve got to hand it to Bethesda for all of the DLC they’ve been able to support their game with. Lots of games companies have said they’d do it, but Fallout 3 has really received some awesome additions to the excellent FPS RPG from last year. This Broken Steel trailer, the newest DLC for the game, is looking rather awesome. What do you guys think? Who has played any of the DLC packs so far?

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11 thoughts on “Fallout 3: Broken Steel Debut Trailer”

  1. Man, I’m really excited for this to be released. Unfortunately, I have to go see Lewis Black, so I won’t get to play it on release day. (Man, something is wrong with me. 😉 )

    I played the last two packs of DLC, and enjoyed them both. I think of Fallout as an ice cream store, offering a lot of flavors. Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt were two different scoops, each highlighting a different part of the greater selection of Fallout flavors. Anchorage focused mostly on combat, and The Pitt offered moral choices and exploration. Hopefully Broken Steel will blend all of the Fallout goodness together into one sweet package.

  2. I just installed The Pitt last night, made a new character but it’s a hell of a walk to get to it, gonna do it soon.


    Anchorage is good mostly for the power armour and training at level 2+.

    Broken Steel should be awesome, I was so pissed at the end of fallout 3 when you “die” but I guess you just passed out (from the awesomeness?). Lvl 30 Cap will be nice along with new perks although all my skills are maxed at level 20 so what are they going to do about that…

  3. I dunno, to be honest, fallout didnt grab me like oblivion did. I mean Fallout is impressive, but its not the same for some reason.

    I still haven’t played a single one of the add-ons, not one…yet I own both.

    This one looks really cool. And they seem to have added quite a bit in all three of these…Ill have to see. Maybe Ill pick up the game again this summer.

  4. [quote comment=”6428″]Better hold off on the download, chums. Seems Bethesda’s continuing the fine tradition of launching broken products.


    It’s affecting PC and X Box, but Bethesda is looking into a fix. Damn, nothing seems to workout for Fallout. Good thing I’m missing a day one download.[/quote]

    Thanks for the link, Mitch. It’s so weird that Bethesda has problems with this. I mean, I know it’s not super-easy or anything, but you figure they’d find this stuff in testing.

  5. I haven’t played any of the DLC for Fallout yet because I heard that GFWL is kinda bad at the downloading of products.
    I’m gonna wait for Bethesda to release the DLC on disc.

    Also, Liberty Prime is perhaps one of the most kickass robots I have ever seen.

  6. [quote comment=”6432″]I haven’t played any of the DLC for Fallout yet because I heard that GFWL is kinda bad at the downloading of products.
    I’m gonna wait for Bethesda to release the DLC on disc.[/quote]

    Good call. Apparently, GFWL’s DRM is causing the kerfuffle. Something that, like Eddy said, should have been picked up in test, but at lest Bethesda is right on top of it.

  7. [quote comment=”6433″]PS3..can’t play….hate world, revenge soon…take out on everyone…[/quote]
    Yes, we shall rise against you all! > : D
    But prehaps the whole buggy releases is merely Karma acting on everyone else, punishing Bethesda’s reputation for not looking out for the PS3 owners.

  8. I havent played any yet because they’re not available on Steam =/. But this does certainly look good.

    if anyone remembers me complaining about losing my save games, i have since restarted the game and am deeper than previously, so I’m a happy gamer again!

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