GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?

Summer is almost here and it’s time to bust out all the games that you haven’t finished yet. I figured that means it’s time for another Would You Rather.

In Would You Rather, I simply ask a series of questions, and you follow up with your answers. Give as much or as little explanation as you want for your choices, but we all know that we like to see the reasoning behind the madness.

However, if your answers suck, there will be zombies marching upon your abode. Zombies spitting swine flu. So yeah, you’d better make it good.


Would you rather…

1. Play an online fps with great graphics and fewer players, or weaker graphics with a large amount of players?

2. Have custom soundtracks or in game compositions?

3. Hear subpar voice acting or no VA and just subtitles?

4. Play a reboot of a classic franchise, or see a current struggling franchise get a makeover?

5. Watch a video game movie that stuck strictly to the game’s content, or just took the concept of the game and ran wild with it?

6. Play the greatest game of a genre you don’t like or a subpar game of your favorite genre?

7. Have your console do everything you need for your entertainment center (DVD, DVR, streaming movies), or do you just want it to play games?

Answer away!

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22 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?”

  1. Alright, let’s get the ball rolling…

    1.I’ve done enough of the first option that I’d rather try out a game with weaker graphics but dozens upon dozens of players. MAG for the PS3 seems to be like this, and I’m excited about its potential.

    2. While custom soundtracks are nice, there is simply too many awesome original compositions in gaming to pass up on them. I mean, FF tunes alone are worth ditching custom tracks for.

    3. No VA’s and subtitles! Nothing drives me crazier than really bad voice acting. I’m fine just reading the text, thank you. That’s how I’ve gotten by on JRPG’s fo years.

    4. We’ve played enough classic franchises that I’d love to see a series like Splinter Cell get overhauled and made into something awesome again.

    5. That’s hard to say. Sometimes if you stick too much to the original the movie isn’t all that exciting for fans, but if you run wild with it and don’t pay homage to the source (a la Max Payne) then that’s just as bad. In the end, I’d say err on the side of caution and just remake the game in film form.

    6. I’d rather play the greatest game in a genre I don’t like. I’d be ok with that, I think. I’ve played plenty of mediocre games in genres I do enjoy.

    7. I used to think I just wanted my console to play games, but the prospect of streaming movies AND downloading my TV shows onto my 360 or PS3 is extremely tempting. In the end, though, I think game consoles need to stay cheaper to survive.

  2. Nice, another WYR!

    1. Weaker graphics and more players. Sure, the other option would be nice to look at, but who would you frag?

    2. In game compositions. Caveat: except for open-world games with lots of in vehicle action, like GTA IV. (FarCry 2 would have benefited from this as well)

    3. No VA and subtitles. Poor acting can take you right out of a game.

    4. See a current struggling franchise get a makeover.

    5. This is a tricky one. Over all, I’d like to see a game movie stick closely to its source material. A few deviations are okay, but if you go too crazy, you run this risk of alienating a fickle fanbase, and by extension, their money.

    6. Greatest game of a genre I don’t like. I’ve already played enough horrible FPSes to know what the alternative would be like.

    7. Everything! The Hyper Okami Mega Box All-In-One would be a sure-fire best seller come the holiday season.

  3. hmm i guess ill be next!

    1. Play an online fps with great graphics and fewer players, or weaker graphics with a large amount of players?

    – i do enjoy a lot of people runnin wild during CoD4 or CS:S and my graphics are pretty weak on my lappy. so ill go with the second option.

    2. Have custom soundtracks or in game compositions?

    – In game compositions. There quite a few people who take time and effort into writing the music for video games and they should be heard. whether they be good or bad, respect the music! 😀

    3. Hear subpar voice acting or no VA and just subtitles?

    – subpar voice acting. Soley for the fact that my friends and I can later impersonate them in public, only to be starred at and laughed at.

    4. Play a reboot of a classic franchise, or see a current struggling franchise get a makeover?

    – Reboot of a classic franchise. I love seeing revamps of games i enjoyed as a child and nostalgia always wins me over.

    5. Watch a video game movie that stuck strictly to the game’s content, or just took the concept of the game and ran wild with it?

    – Video game movie that stuck strictly to the game’s content. I hate the resident evil movie series. it really does make me angry that the series isnt better.

    6. Play the greatest game of a genre you don’t like or a subpar game of your favorite genre?

    – subpar game. for years ive been playin subpar games of my fav genre just because its familiar.

    7. Have your console do everything you need for your entertainment center (DVD, DVR, streaming movies), or do you just want it to play games?


  4. 1. If it’s more than current max players (like 64+) I’d say more players. Less than that, it had better have good graphics nowadays graphics.

    2. It depends on the game I suppose. Sports and racing, I’d rather have a custom soundtrack. Anything else should have original music.

    3. Yeah, I hate bad voice acting. Drives me nuts. I’m fine with text tyvm.

    4. 3D Pokemon Crystal. I’ve been wanting it for years, and I still do. I like newer versions of old games. They make me think about how the game would have done if it had been released in a different era originally.

    5. They just shouldn’t make movies out of games, lol.

    6. Why would I want to play a game in a genre I don’t like? Personally, I hate modern fighting games. I’d rather play a half-cocked RPG any day.

    7. It really depends on the price for me. I’m dirt-poor nowadays and rely on my computer for all that stuff and upgrade it when I can afford it. I guess if the price was right, I’d want it to be all in one. But like you said, Eddy, consoles need to stay (or rather, BECOME) cheap to survive.

  5. 1. That’s a tough one. I’d go with graphics, though, because there’s nothing worse than an online game with a bland, boring art direction.

    2. A custom soundtrack, of course. What does it say about a game’s atmosphere if it doesn’t have its own music?

    3. I grew up without voice acting, and I’d have no problem with it staying that way. Even mediocre voice acting ticks me off sometimes, so I’d go with text.

    4. Depends. I would love to see a new, really good sonic game that drops the were-sonic and the 3d levels. A makeover of Barbie’s Pony Ranch, though, I would not be very excited for.

    5. Normally, I wouldn’t like to see a video game movie at all. But with some games, like Bioshock, I can see potential. In those cases, I get that sacrifices have to be made in order to make the movie not suck, so I’d prefer the movie to only casually rely on the game’s canon.

    6. That’s a tough one, but I’d go with a great game in a genre I don’t like. I used to hate RPGs until I played Xenogears, and I used to hate FPSs until I played Half Life. Who knows, maybe it’ll make me see the best in other games in the genre.

    7. If I want to play DVDs, watch movies, etc., I’ll use my PC. Because PCs are multipurposed and can do that kind of thing easily. If I’m buying a console, on the other hand, I want it to play games and not get bogged down (speed or price-wise) by anything else.

  6. 1. Weaker graphics and lots of players. Just look at CSS.

    2. In game. Marty O’Donnel is better than I am.

    3. No VA and subtitles. Hey, Zelda’s done it for years!

    4. A reboot. Ocarina of Time for the Wii would be soooo awesome.

    5. Stick strictly to the game. It pisses fans such as myself off.

    6. Greatest game in another genre. Who says opinions can’t change?

    7. Everything. Clears up the game room space, costs me less money, and it’s easy to access. I win.

  7. 1. Weaker graphics. I played Team Fortress Classic for years, and it had massive amounts of players even though the graphics at the time were increasingly getting better.

    2.Um…this is a two-way street. I like in-game compositions if they are put together well and fit with the mood and just feel…right. On the other hand, you should be able to put together custom soundtracks if you so wish.

    3. Subpar voice acting. C’mon, what else would we make fun of? =P

    4. A struggling franchise, because if it’s not doing well and gets a stunning makeover, i’d be intrigued and give it a shot.

    5. The first one. Oh god, the first one.

    6. Greatest game of a genre I didn’t like. I’m sure I can find something to enjoy in what’s supposedly the best game of that genre. Open-mindedness people!

    7. Just play games, god. I hate how this is turning into a do-everything contest and I want to play games on my VIDEO GAME CONSOLES and not have to pay for god damn music videos.

  8. 1. Graphics never mean anything, so I would like to try more players.

    2. In game music! Like Eddy says, FF Music alone is all you need.

    3.Subtitles. I use subtitles always, even when VA is on.

    4.Classic! Prince of Persia and others deserve something new!

    5. Stick to what made the game good!

    6.Greatest game in genre I don’t like. I don’t play bad games, no matter what.

    7. Play games, and leave me alone.

  9. 1. Depends on the style of FPS. CSS is not the best in graphics but its fun and you can have like 16 player teams. This question may become null if MAG is a success. haha

    2. The option to play EITHER

    3. Oo…probably subs. Shoot id rather have them speak french and have subs than have crappy voice acting.

    4. Makeover.

    5. Depends on the game. The Halo movie was making me mad. IT was going to be SO stupid.

    6. Sub-par. What would be the point if you dont like the gameplay.

    7. It should do them all. Seriously we are in an age where its possible. With atom processors making nettop PCs, we should see some sick consoles.

  10. 1. I would play a game with weaker graphics and more players. (Ragdolls are a must, though ;P)

    2. …what?

    3. Subpar VA

    4. Reboot of a classic franchise

    5. Video game concept, different story

    6. I would play the greatest game of a genre I don’t like… (WoW >.>)

    7. I just want it to play games.

  11. 1. Well, compare Resistance 2 to say, COD4. It has worse graphics and more players and, while very fun, it’s just not as good as COD4. But Infinity Ward was at the top of their game on that one. Beats 5 easily though.

    2. I’d like the option but with games like SotC, FF or MGS they’ve been too well composed to do such a thing. But the option would still be nice.

    3. Well having had my ears raped by Far Cry 2 and having had a pleasant experience with Zelda or SotC I can live with text but I like voice acting better. Snake wouldn’t have been anywhere near as cool without David Hayter voicing him.

    4. Both. But only if it’s a classic series I care about. I don’t want to see a remake of some cult NES title over an overhaul of the Conflict series. They were way off with Vietnam and Denied Ops. Global Storm was kickass though, but bring back Foley!!!

    5. Well, I don’t know. Sticking directly to a games plot may be done with good intentions but may insult fans. Hitman took the universe which is all well and good, but it WASN’T Hitman the way we know it. It was a good action movie, but not a great addition to the Hitman franchise.

    6. Greatest game of a genre I don’t like. I played Haze and that’s enough sub-par FPS for me. I don’t like racing games (bar Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing) but I always make an exception for Burnout. Especially Paradise! Hey that was a good makeover of a franchise!

    7. EVERYTHING! I love my PS3’s Blu-ray player. I’ve only 2 movies, but the Dark Knight just looks SO amazing. The whole scene with the Bat-Bike was truly beautiful.

  12. 1. More players. I tend not to really notice the graphics a ton, if their great, that’s great, but if their subpar, that’s OK too. If their awful, that’s another thing.
    2. Totally original compositions. The soundtrack has to really fit the game for me, and the best way for that to happen is original music.
    3. Bad voice acting. That stuff is hilarious.
    4. It would be really cool to see a current franchise get rebooted. Some of them, like Sonic, really need it.
    5. The movie has to stick to the content of a game, or else it just becomes a standard movie, with little to connect it to the actual game.
    6.Best game of a genre I don’t like.
    7. I really don’t use extra features on consoles, I just need them to play games.

  13. 1) lots of players sounds fun, but most don’t seem to go over well. Battlefield 1942 bragged about 64 players, but if you get that many it lags like crazy and you die within minutes of spawn. I prefer less players if more players=less fun

    2) Can anybody say Half life 2?

    3) def subtitles, i don’t despise crappy voice acting

    4) eh…i think i’d go for the makeover

    5) i say run wild b/c some games just wouldn’t transfer well directly

    6) i like to try the greats i don’t need to waste my time on some crappy game

    7) I just want it for games, isn’t that what they’re meant to do? Why throw in all these extras i pretty much already have and don’t need? Thats why the PS3 is so expensive and didn’t sell so great

  14. 1. Play an online fps with great graphics and fewer players, or weaker graphics with a large amount of players?

    mmm, I like fewer players and bad graphics ! =) CS is best when its 8 v 8 or less, and I don’t care for shiny games multiplayer.

    2. Most good games now adays have fantastic hollywood-inspired scores, which has been nice. But i’ll never get tired of the NES beats. (I actualy have the plugin to make beats like that muhaha)

    3. I always play with subtitles, but i’d still rather have crappy voice acting instead of ONLY reading (Farcry 2? Inaudible almost)

    4. Interesting question. Struggling Franchise with a boost would be nice I think.

    5. Depends on the game. A fallout 3 movie could follow the “main” plot line, but its sidequests/all areas of the world are obviously un-doable in 1.5 / 2 hrs. I’d like to see slight spinoffs.

    6. subpar of my genres. I’ll never play an RTS!!!

    7. Mine already does everything! PC! But if a console would, I wouldnt mind having one for console-exclusives

  15. YES! Another WYR! Love these, guys.

    1. I’d go with the larger lobby, worse graphics because I rather have a large-scale epic battle than a small-scale deathmatch that lasts for a few minutes. Sure, I can see the sweat on my enemy’s brow, but I’m too busy getting shot at.

    2. Er, I’ll assume that “custom soundtrack” means they hire a pro composer and make it like a movie soundtrack, and that “in-game composition” means the tune is generated or altered in-game. If I’m assuming right, I’d go for the custom soundtrack. I’m just a fan of listening to movie / video game soundtracks. Call me a loser, but then I’ll have to bitch-slap you. :3

    3. Hm…ear rape or a classic method of dialogue… I’ll go with subtitles.

    4. What about a struggling classic franchise? *cough* Sonic */cough* Yeah, I’d have to go with a made-over struggling franchise because chances are that struggling franchise is something less popular, and I do love when games with low publicity blow my mind. It feels encouraging.

    5. Well first off, video game movies are blasphemy, but if I was forced to choose, I’d choose DEATH – no, I’d go with a movie based on the game’s content. I rather have a faithful makeover than an Uwe Boll tragedy.

    6. I rather have the greatest game of a genre I don’t like. If it’s so great, it might get me interested. If it’s just another average title in my favorite genre, what’s the point?

    7. Meh, I’m frugal. I rather have a single console for all my entertainment needs than have to specialize. That said, this console would have to have good quality and streamlined controls.

    Keep ’em coming, SFF guys! (twss – I’m mature)

  16. 1. Weak graphics, Many Players, gotta have squaddies.

    2. In-Game comps.

    3. Subtitles, bad VA kills me!

    4. Struggling franchise, changes will be made to make it good.

    5. strictly to the game, no creative liscense, it screws the movie.

    6. Sub-Par of a fav genre, most sub-par games are good.

    7. Everything I need, haven’t gotten my PC hooked up to me Compy yet 🙂

  17. 1. More players, less graphics 😛
    2. I mostly turn my game-music off, so I do not care.
    3. Subtitles.
    4. I don’t really have as favorite franchise.
    5. Strictly to the content. Look what happened to Dragon Ball(ok it’s not a videeo game, but you the idea).
    6. Subpar game of a favorite genre. You can bring me the best racing game ever made ever but I still rather play “Celtic Kings”.
    7. As I belong to the noble PC gaming master race I do not a need a console. Only PC gaming is true hardcore gaming.

  18. 1- Been playing A LOT of Battlefield Heroes lately graphics aren’t great but the heaps of people is awesome

    2- Custom soundtracks, I just put a playlist in iTunes during a game of Left 4 Dead or CSS and put it on shuffle and listen away.

    3- Just subtitles, a horrible voice over ruins the game for you.

    4- A reboot, something like what Black Mesa is doing to the original Half Life 1.

    5- In game footage if done properly, if not no thanks.

    6- Greatest game of a genre I do not like, to see if I actually might like it.

    7- I would rather one device in my loungeroom along with my TV and Home Theatre then another 5+ gaming console. So I would rather my gaming console do all that plus more.

  19. 1. Hmm… I would go with great graphics fewer people. Just there would be more people to annoy me and the graphics would be worse.
    2. Custom Soundtracks I guess. Never really thought about it.
    3. No VA and subtitles!! Bad voice acting can KILL games.
    4. current struggling franchise get a makeover IF it has some good ideas that were exucuted poorly then sure. If it just was down right bad, reboot of a classic.
    5. Seeing as how the Mario Bros movie did the last one and that movie was absolutley terrible, I want to see a movie stricly based on the game.
    6. Play the greatest game of a genre I don’t like. I have played way too many crappy FPSs, so a great JRPG would be nice to play. I dont dislike them, but I dont like them.
    7. Just play the game, that way the consoles are cheaper… though I do like being able to do all the other stuff on my Xbox.

  20. Would you rather…

    1. All I have to say to this one is “MAG”

    2. If every game had soundtracks like Diddy Kong Racing, we wouldn’t even need custom soundtracks, but I think the option for it is always nice..even if the score is amazing

    3. VA and subtitles definitely. Subtitles can add a sense of intensity

    4. Current franchise get a make-over. If the game isn’t good, then there needs to be change, hopefully the make-over would provide that.

    5. I think it should stick to the story. All I can think of is Shadow of the Colossus having some awful made up side plot that will make it even worse than people are perceiving it to be.

    6. Play the greatest game of a genre I don’t like, because then I can turn to the person having me playing it and say “If this is as good as it’s gonna get for you, I’m very sorry”

    7. I like having the extra features, but games > non-game features.

  21. Haven’t been on this site since March. Well, here’s to another Would You Rather:

    1.Better graphics and less players. Big battles are great but, you’re not going to be fighting as a whole army. Not in any of the FPS games we have today, anyway. Each part of the army is going to be completing a different mission that contributes to the whole, so even if you have a 100 person team, you’re probably only going to be playing with 20 at one time max.

    2.I’d have to say In-Game compositions. Custom soundtracks are a great substitute when the game music is horrendous, but I would feel like I’m missing out if I didn’t get some good game music in. It would feel weird listening to your favorite Rap artist while loading up Halo, instead of listening to the Start-Up screen music.

    3. Sub-Par. Voice acting is always great, even if it’s overdone. No voice acting is best reserved for RPG’s, as it fits in with the style. But, even RPG’s are enhanced by voice acting. I have to say voice acting, all the way.

    4.See a current struggling franchise get a makeover. It’s always good when a franchise can make itself successful.

    5.Stuck strictly to the game’s concept. If it’s going to be something other than a movie based on the actual video game, then it shouldn’t be named after the video game. In all truth, it shouldn’t even be mentioned in regards to the video game at all, if it’s going to be something different.

    6.The greatest game of a genre I don’t like. Being exposed to new things is always good.

    7. Just play games on it. Unless consoles get some serious internet, there’s no point in doing anything on them other than playing games. Listening to music is ok, but most music is listened to either online or through MP3 files today, and if all of my music is already on my computer from downloads, there’s no need to put them on my XBOX also. Same with movies.

  22. Catching up on everything after being internet less for 40 days, I love these!

    1. Tricky. First of all I would question the game play value but seeing as you didn’t mention that… Low graphics more players usually means that people with low end pcs are playing it because, well, they can. In my experience these people either suck or are douchebags. So I would have to go for better graphics because the people would (hopefully) be nicer. But again I always look into gameplay first.

    2. In game. MOST of the time the devs. do a pretty good job with the music and it really is one of those things that you don’t notice unless it is done bad. If it really is that bad then you could always mute the music and open in the background. (I speak from a PC perspective ofc)

    3. Oh god, that’s like my unanswerable question! I can’t stand bad VA, it totally ruins a game for me. Similarly a game with no VA is not going to draw me into the story..
    I would say no VA w/ subtitles because I can just read the subs and do the voices in my head! (I tend do to that a lot anyway… I can read a line of F3 dialogue before they have even started talking ffs!)

    4. How about put a gun to the franchises head and watch it die? I will use Sonic as an example (let’s not kid ourselves..). I would rather see them wipe the slate and come up with new ideas instead of taking the old game and giving him a sword (srsly wtf…). But when I think reboot I would like to think 3+ years before it comes back. Or just kill it and get it over with.

    5. Run wild with it, as long as the director is good. This can vary from game to game obviously (Imagine a fallout movie..) but as long as they don’t break key things (If they make Freeman talk I swear I will ) and stick to the bare basic story then go ahead! Sticking to it exact never really works tbh.

    6. Greatest game of a genre I don’t like. The 3 main genres I didn’t like as of last year were RTS, RPG and Racing. Fallout 3 has completely won me over, Burnout Paridise is getting there and I still have yet to find an RTS I like. As you can see, if you release a game that really is that good then it will probably change my mind about the genre (I have recently played some Oblivion thanks to F3)

    7.Play games. Ever since the PS1 with its cd music player I have hated stupid media players on a game console, the controls are always awful as hell, they never give me the options I want (Subs, letterboxing etc.) and I bet if you knocked them out you would knock a fair amount off the overall price of the console.

    Well that was fun, time to catch up on TLW now….

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