GamerSushi Asks: Longest Favorite?

csMy favorite game seems to always be switching. I’m not talking about favorite of all time, but rather, my current favorite. A few months ago, it was Left 4 Dead, and right now, it’s Team Fortress 2. For a time it was Halo Wars, and for another time, it was even Valkyria Chronicles. I cycled through each of these relatively quickly, considering my normal habits.

Whenever I get into a game, I really sink into it for months at a time, unable to let go of its pixely goodness. I tend to become obsessed with it, playing it several nights a week with room for nothing else. And then suddenly, I get completely sick of it out of the blue and I don’t even want to play it anymore. However, the game that was able to shy away from this the longest had to have been Counter-Strike or Halo 3. To this day, I could still pick either of those games up.

What about you guys? Which favorite game of yours has lasted the longest as your favorite, and which games did you grow quickly sick of? Go!

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  1. My favorite game of all time is easily TES3: Morrowind. The structure of the game, the ability to go anywhere and do anything was really new and exciting. The huge map and enormous number of side quest really make it a game that I can keep coming back to, again and again. And with its noob-friendly construction set, adding something new to the game is easy. It’s one of the few pre-2005 games that I continue to play today. As for games I grew sick of, H.A.W.X. tops the list. It was a lot of fun while the campaign lasted, but then it just seemed over. Still, I’ll probably come back to it in the future.

  2. Halo, big time. I still play Halo regularly to this day, and played Halo 2 until launch of Halo 3. Games with fine design get reward with lots of play time.

  3. I’m sure you can guess, but CoD4, easy. I still play that game with fervor, and it’s 2 years old. I do like WaW equally because it’s newer, shinier, grittier, and has bolt-action rifles (yeah, I love ’em now).
    But Halo PC was also my favorite game for a long time, so kudos to Bungie’s original awesomeness. Halo 3 was great, but not as great as Halo 1.

  4. For almost a year now I have been a crazy Half-Life fan. I don’t think it will never stop being my favorite. In terms of longest time though, Halo 1 for PC was my favorite for a year and a half, because there were no new games for our PS2.

  5. i would have to agree with morrowind,I played that one all summer between 8th and 9th grade. I also have to add kotor. I also played halo 1 constantly also

  6. CS:S.
    Almost at three years of loving it… though L4D is trying to nestle into its place in my heart.

  7. I played WoW religiously for about 2 years. I think I have like 75 days of /played time. But I just can’t play it for any length of time nowadays. I get sick of it after a few minutes and play something else. But I usually play games for about 2 weeks, in that time beat them, and then get bored or just play something else. I’ll come back to them every now and then though. Like right now, I’ve been trying to beat COD4 on Veteran for a couple days.

    Off topic, but I can beat that game on Hardened in just a few hours. I’m only half way through veteran, it’s kicking my ass big time. 😛

  8. The game for me would probably be Call of Duty 1. That game has a lot of memories for me and the gameplay in that game is 10x harder than CoD4.

  9. My longest favorite? Team Fortress Classic. I played that game for about…6-7 years non-stop, almost? My second would have to go to the TimeSplitters series. A shame TS4 might not even be made, I never got to experience TS:FP’s online multiplayer on account of owning the Gamecube version.

  10. Oblivion. Its still amazing. I consider it the best RPG Iv played. I played it just last night 😀

    Quickest….I dunno. Maybe Far Cry 2…I dunno.

  11. Counter Strike for multiplayer, Deus Ex for single. I’ve played every possible way through Deus, but something about it always calls me back.

    When playing with friends, I bust out the SNES and rekindled many a child’s fire for Super Mario World. 3 of us now have SNES and its the best drinking/hangout game to play late at night; especially with friends who arent generally “gamers”.

  12. CSS is pretty much my long fav. It’s kind of like a virtual internet lounge where you can talk about games and stuff, but with shooing for a side dish lol

  13. Hmn dunno. I switch allegences every other game I get. That said, a long thime fave has been Hitman Blood Money. I still play it and I recently got it back off my friend after it had a LONG holiday.

  14. Team Fortress 2 definitely. Been playing it for nearly two years and I’m still in love with it.

  15. Halo, Batlefield and CoD series. I played the firs Halo… dang for a long time. Even when Halo 2 was out I stilled played Halo 1’s campaign over and over it was so fun! Now I play a lot of Halo 3.
    I love the Battlefield games, I feel like a soldier, but I am making a difference. My favorite would have to be BFBC because you can blow up your enviroment, but my second fav was 1942. I still play both… well my BFBC disk dissappered on me… so I guess i got to buy a new one, but there only $30.
    CoD… man I had some good times on those games. I’ve been playing them since CoD2 and cant stop. CoD3 was subpar but CoD4’s killer graphics and modern feel and the fact that online felt more… alive than CoD3 was a blast!
    These franchises are my favorites, and I think they always will be.

  16. Well, my longtime favorite game is (PC) Close Combat 2: A Bridge too Far. I still play that game even after ten years it still hasn’t lost its excitement.

    A recent favorite? I’m not sure. I don’t play my XboX 360 as often as I used to. I’ll have to go with (PC) Rome: Total War.

    When I bought the Gold Edition I played it for six months straight. However after six months, I quickly grew bored with it and stopped playing. Now I’m trying to get back into it with some mods.

  17. I’d have to say my long-time favorites have had to have been Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons together. I mean, I can say “I don’t want to play this right now”, but I’ve never not thought that I might want to play those games again sometime. To be fair, even though those are favorites, I haven’t played them in a while. Halo has to be my longtime favorite, simply from all you can do in Forge/the great multiplayer. I do feel though that Huxley may be a new favorite for me once it’s released. Twitch FPS sounds pretty awesome.

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