Top Ten Most Needed MMO’s

bioshockI know that one day, an MMO will nab me and never let me go. I’m totally in love with the idea of them, but the gameplay has yet to really catch me on any particular one. And with everybody and their mom starting to turn IP’s into that now popular genre, it’s only a matter of time before one really inserts itself into my daily gaming.

That being said, MMORPG has put together a lost of the top 10 games that need to be MMO’s, and I have to say they have some really crazy but interesting ideas. While I don’t know if a Madden MMO would work, I can see it having that mass appeal that developers are looking for. The possibility of a Nintendo based world is nifty, as well. Also, the idea of zombie MMO where survivors try to find one another amidst a world overrun by the undead sounds cool as hell.

This list is definitely worth reading. What do you guys think of the ideas that are laid out? What is your favorite? Go!

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7 thoughts on “Top Ten Most Needed MMO’s”

  1. Wow, most of those games actually make a lot of sense. I’m amazed to finally see a competent list… my only complaints are with Bioshock and Kingdom Hearts online – those games are so reliant on story that I’m not sure if putting them in an MMO format would work. Then again, TOR is doing it, so why not? Also, World of Starcraft would be to WoW as crack is to smoking. Even I’d give it a shot.

  2. Im really surprised there wasnt anything about Diablo or elder scrolls, because both of those seem obvious choices, with plenty of places to go and whatnot… and this list just makes me want the KOTOR MMO to come out sooner lol.

  3. Im so glad TES didnt make it on that list.

    The one I think should be #1 is defiantly NWN. Seriously. That game would rock as an MMO

  4. I don’t see any of those as even mildly appealing except for NWN and Starcraft. I just don’t see how the others either would work, or how they’d actually be fun.

  5. The problem with SC is that (if it’s anything like WoW) it would seem difficult to make the zerg a playable faction… or how classes would work and class balance. Also I don’t want to have two Blizzard MMO accounts of equally money-draining games, unless they combine the fees, but then that’s like giving it away for free.

  6. These are actually some really cool ideas. I love the Battlefield Online idea, where the game could actually re-create an entire battle (like the invasion of Normandy or something) with a large MMO-caliber number of people in the lobby. Plus, the L4D MMO sounds AWESOME. People would start all over the USA and would have to team up and work together to fight off the zombie. There would totally have to be giant zombies that took a bunch of people to kill. A Zombie Apocalypse Simulator would be epic.
    I seriously cannot wait for these ideas to become real. Think of the possibilities for other titles/genres/gameplay features!

  7. Lot of great Ideas on the list, I’m personally a fan of the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse MMO. My breath is still held for Shadowrun and Mechwarrior(FASA Studios IPs) to be made into MMO product, both would make for very interesting and engaging mmo environments, and both are easily pvp able as well.

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